Looking for small fun gifts ideas for Christmas, from £6 to £60? Here is a selection of ten little presents that will touch everyone’s heart, from your baby-sitter to your new brother-in-law, including your neighbour. All in the blue colour.


Anything Blue review – 10 small fun gifts ideas for friends and family, and everyone else


1- Breaking Bad mug set, for your ex and co-parent (featured picture)

Ex-spouse, ex-partner, ex-something, if you have a kid together you are in it forever, so make peace, get this set of 2 Breaking Bad mugs out and cheers!



2 – Mr Suicide Bathtube plug, for your neighbor

A friendly reminder of your presence, Alessi’s Blue Mr Suicide Bathtube plug is the perfect gift for your upstairs neighbour (and their five children). Designed with a sense of humour, made in Italy, this fun gift will make someone laugh, you, if not them. A Merry, Merry Christmas!

A word from Alessi: ‘Pushing the envelope with everyday objects, this universal bathtub plug designed by Massimo Giacon in 2000 features a “dead” Mr. Suicided that floats to the surface when you take a bath.

Small Fun Gifts ideas for Christmas - Anything Blue

Mr Suicide bath plug in Small Fun Gifts ideas for Christmas – Anything Blue



3 – Micro dots blue tie, for the smarmy colleague/ new brother-in-law

Perfect for your new brother-in-law or your smarmy colleague, this elegant silk micro dots Electric Blue Woven Silk Tie, crafted in Italy by Forzieri, perfectly complements a double-faced charming smile and a fresh debutant look.

A word from Forzieri: ‘Micro Dots Electric Blue Woven Silk Tie crafted in 100% silk Jacquard, features evenly spaced mini dots with an electric blue color suitable for a stand out occasion. Logo keeper loop. Fully lined.’


Micro dots blue tie, to wear with a charming smile, Italian silk by Forzieri


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4 – Funky Alessi bowl ‘Lupita’, for your Pet Friend

Gangsta? Toto? Chuchu? We bet your dog will love its new Lupita bowl by Alessi, and you too, as you won’t need to bend over to take it off the floor thanks to its handy handle. Hopefully, Gangsta won’t think it’s for play and grab the bone while it’s still attached to the bowl…

A word from Alessi: ‘Complete with a plastic bone handle for easy moving, Alessi’s charming dog bowl features a sturdy plastic exterior with a stainless steel bowl that can be removed for cleaning.’


Lupita, stay!

Dimensions: 32 x 37 x 32 cm



5 – A blue dragon tail

Because we all, children and older, need a dragon tail for a special occasion.

Blue Dragon Tail, Mr Tail @Etsy - Anything Blue

Blue Dragon Tail, Mr Tail @Etsy

approx. £20


6 – ‘BIG LOVE’ ice-cream cup and spoon, for Y O U

You + Ice Cream = Big Love? Then this Big Love cup and spoon set by Alessi is for you. The spoon is heart-shaped, which will help make your ice-cream melt. The cup is detachable from the stained-glass looking turquoise holder for an easy wash. New year Resolution for 2016: celebrate your love of ice-cream EVERYDAY.


Big Love, for Big Ice Cream Lovers



7 –  Glass Drop earrings, for your yoga teacher

Looking for a feminine gift? Light blue, almost turquoise, the Lapilli Murano Glass Drop Earrings by Antica Murrina are the illustration of Simple Chic in jewellery (read more).

Light blue murano glass pendant earrings @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

Shine a Light – blue Venitian/ Murano glass pendant earrings on Jewel Street



9 – The Diet Book for Facebook Addict, for your baby-sitter/ mother-in-law/ intern

It’s time for an intervention? Hopefully this Diet Book for Facebook Addict will help raise awareness, the best cure for too much like/poke/social media activity.

The Diet Book, a Gift for Facebook Addicts @The Present Finder - Anything Blue

The Diet Book, a Gift for Facebook Addicts, The Present Finder



10 – A digital art piece, for your flatmate/ spouse/ playmate

Give this gift to whoever you share your space with, and get the chance to enjoy it too! All you need is a TV and an Internet connection to display one of the many many digital art pieces available on Sedition. Three of our favorites blue ones are listed below:

1- Digital artwork: Echoes of Toki (3), a jellyfish ballet collection by Walter Hugo & Zoniel, Sedition (read more)

Digital artwork: Echoes of Toki (3), a jellyfish ballet collection by Walter Hugo & Zoniel @Sedition - Anything Blue

Digital artwork: Echoes of Toki (3), a jellyfish ballet collection by Walter Hugo & Zoniel @Sedition – Anything Blue

£39 (for the collection of 5 pieces)

2- Damien Hirst Blue Butterflies on Sedition (read more)

Bognor Blue, Damien Hirst @Sedition - Anything Blue

Bognor Blue, Damien Hirst @Sedition


3 – The Little Match Seller, H. C. Andersen revisited by Liu Ye, Sedition (read more)

Little Match Seller @Sedition - Anything Blue

Little Match Seller @Sedition – Anything Blue



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