Cheese, meat and chocolate lovers will adore this blue fondue set by VonShef, with a ‘lazy’ system comprising of six bowls rotating around the central pot.

Anything Blue review – Blue Fondue Set by VonShef, 23 pieces @Domu – £49.99

No more fighting for the bread, beef or brioche: everybody will get their share of condiments with this genius rotating system – six bowls displayed around the central pot can host pieces of sausages, apples, gherkins or potatoes for a cheese fondue, various cuts for a meat fiesta, or fruits and marshmallows for a chocolate fondue. Simply turn the circular tray to get your favorite ingredient and dip along.

And it’s a pretty set: the diamond design and the deep blue color make it a jewel of a presentation and an exquisite table centerpiece.

This VonShef rotating fondue set comes complete with all the traditional fondue accessories – the burner, the fork guard, not to mention six color-coded forks and steel spoons.

ps: for an all-blue dinner experience with blue cheese fondue, check out the fabulous Martha Stewart’s Irish blue cheese fondue recipe (also available in video), it’s the best!


A word from VonShef

‘Unique rotating stand lets you spin and share bowls with fellow diners. Durable pot is made from enamelled cast iron with contoured grooves for forks. Chic diamond shape design with striking blue finish.’

Blue Fondue Set, VonShef - Anything Blue

Blue fondue set with a rotating tray, VonShef, £48.99 @Domu – Anything Blue

– 1x enamel pot

– 1x enamel fork guard

– 1x chrome stand

– 1x chrome tray

– 1x chrome burner

– 1x Lazy Susan rotating stand

– 6x colour-coded stainless steel forks

– 6x stainless steel spoons

– 6x ceramic bowls

Source: Blue Fondue Set, VonShef @Domu

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Martha Stewart Blue Cheese Fondue Recipe - Anything Blue

Perfect for St Patrick’s Day: Martha Stewart’s Irish Blue Cheese Fondue Recipe  (2013 video) – Anything Blue