Handcrafted in Morocco, where the journey began in 1946… This cobalt blue Safi ceramic vase from Moroccan Bazaar is just the touch of color you were looking for to add character and authenticity to your interiors.

Anything Blue review – Blue Safi Ceramic Vase by Moroccan Bazaar (£40 – 25 x 40 cm)

This authentic brand sources in Morocco, where handmade Safi patterns and traditional ceramic pottery techniques are the rule.

A great gift to give to a family (or for Mothers Day, together with a bouquet), this Safi vase made of clay and baked in a traditional oven is the perfect accessory to blue away a room and invite a sea breeze into your interiors.

A word from Moroccan Bazaar:

‘Blue Safi Pottery Vase

The Moroccan Safi ceramics are colorful with complex patterned Moroccan designs and have an Atlantic sea influence since Safi is the capital for fisheries in Morocco’

Code: SPV-40B

Height: 40cm
Width: 25cm


‘The Story of the Brand

‘For decades the Bennani family has been tirelessly sourcing, importing and exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning British buyer.

With its roots in stylish Marrakech of the Sixties, where style-gurus like Yves St Laurent and musicians like Jimmy Hendrix drew their inspiration, Moroccan Bazaar has had an unfailing eye for trends and fashions as they have changed and developed.

The Moroccan Bazaar journey in the UK began as the Swinging Sixties had swung into 1970, in the heartland of “trendiness” – Kensington Market “Ken Market” was the centre of design style and alternative influence, and Moroccan Bazaar was in the forefront of supplying that appetite for the exotic.

A move to D’Arblay Street in Soho – operating as a wholesaler, supplying the retail sector – Liberty, Top Shop, Chelsea Girl, to name but a few – with what was “hip and happening” in the sixties and seventies. Buyers would come to the treasure store of Moroccan Bazaar for all kinds of exotic wear.

In the 80’s the journey continued and Moroccan Bazaar moved to Park Royal – new products, new lines, a new concept making it possible to fuse the functional with the decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Diligent attention to quality standards with a natural flair for selecting desirable traditional styles and distinctive designs were added to its range.

In 2006, and with a further move, the current resting place of Moroccan Bazaar is a stylish ‘Riad’ style building in Greenford, to the west of London.

Moroccan Blue Safi Ceramic Pottery Vase @Moroccan Bazaar - Anything Blue

Moroccan Blue Safi Ceramic Pottery Vase @Moroccan Bazaar


Source: Moroccan Blue Safi Ceramic Vase @Moroccan Bazaar

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