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No, the color changing light ring is not just for fun: the Illumina Kettle allows you to adjust the water temperature to the type of hot drink you are preparing. How? Simply select one of the four pre-set temperatures, ranging from very hot (70°C) to boiling (100°C).

Kitchen expert Russell Hobbs has imagined this amazing kettle for Tea lovers, who send back their grateful thanks. And if you like green tea, red tea or fresh mint tea, blue is definitely your color.


A word from Domu


The Illumina kettle is revolutionary in the industry of kettles. It’s amazing stainless steel design allows you to boil water perfectly for whatever tea you’re drinking. For example, Green Tea is perfect at 70°C. Whereas your standard black tea is perfect at boiling point to bring out its aromatic flavours.

Its unique light feature changes colour in accordance to the temperature that the kettle reaches.

As the kettle cools down also expect the colour to change.

70°C perfect for Green Tea (Blue Light)

80°C perfect for White Tea (Green Light)

90°C perfect for Coffee (Purple Light)

100°C perfect for Black Tea (Red Light)

As well as having this amazing, unique and innovative function of 4 pre-set temperatures, it’s also got a viewing gauge and a perfect pour spout which is cleverly shaped a precise stream of no spills, splashes or drips.

This kettle comes in a versatile stainless steel finish so it’s sure to look perfect in any kitchen.

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Colour changing light ring to help you decide how to heat tea for different varieties

1.7 Litre Capacity

Beautiful stainless steel finish

360 degree base

Push to open lid’

Source (+ demo video): Russell Hobbs Illumina Kettle for Tea Lovers @Domu

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Illumina Kettle for Tea Lovers @Domu - Anything Blue

Illumina Kettle for Tea Lovers @Domu – Anything Blue


Illumina Kettle for Tea Lovers @Domu - Anything Blue

Illumina Kettle for Tea Lovers @Domu – Anything Blue