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Your eldest (or husband) is showing off his Star Wars laser sword? Go ahead and show off your intergalactic food processor, from brand Russel Hobbs. With its Illumina features, the processor’s bottom rim changes colors according to its speed, depending on what you need to slice, chop, blend or squash.

A perfect gift for a family, this versatile kitchen tool will become your life-savior if you’ve decided to feed your toddler with ‘home-made, organic food only’.

Delivered with 4 titanium blades, the food processor can make everything from purees to smoothies, including your eldest’s (or husband’s) favorite meal (grated carrots and soup). A kitchen essential with bright looks.


A word from Domu

‘Russell Hobbs ILLumina Food Processor


Chop, blend, shred and grate at the touch of a button with the illumina food processor.

The amazing colour light band indicates which speed is suitable for which particular action you require. Sometimes wondering which speed to use for which function can be confusing. But now you needn’t worry with the easy to understand colour co-ordination.

  • Speed 1: Perfect for Slicing / Shredding / Grating (Blue Light)
  • Speed 2: Perfect for Dough / Cream (Purple Light)
  • Speed 3: Perfect for Blending (Green Light)
  • Pulse (P): Perfect for Chopping / Processing (Red Light)

The food processor has a range of features to improve food preparation including a large 2.3 litre processing bowl and safety lock lid perfect for mixing, folding and shredding your ingredients. It has a shaft where by you can insert ingredients whilst the food is blending to ensure all the necessary flavours are enriched in your recipes.

It’s easy to use, clean and is extremely versatile and stylish with a glossy yet stainless steel finish which will be perfect on any work surface.

SKU: 20240


– Illumina light ring – changes colour in relation to different speeds for different foods

– 1.7 litre capacity bowl

Cable wrap on base

Includes slicing, shredding, grating disks, dough tool and creaming disks

Removable titanium coated blades’


Source (+ demo video): Russell Hobbs Illumina Food Processor @Domu

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What to do with a food processor?
How about Very Bright Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Russell Hobbs Illumina Food Processor @Domu - Anything Blue

Russell Hobbs Illumina Food Processor @Domu – Anything Blue

Russell Hobbs Illumina Food Processor @Domu - Anything Blue

Russell Hobbs Illumina Food Processor @Domu – Anything Blue