Found it! We’ve found our favorite blue plates and glassware collection at India Jane, after months and months of looking for the perfect blue set.

The Romana collection comprises of exquisite tumblers, highball glasses, bowls and dining plates in a stunning Sapphire (royal/cobalt) blue.

Anything Blue Review – Exquisite India Jane’s Romana collection, handcrafted sapphire blue plates, bowls and glassware

There are two types of colored glass:
the first one implies painting onto a glass surface, while the second type involves a glass that was colored during its manufacturing process, with metallic salts (or pigments) added as the glass was being blown.

What kind of pigments? Cobalt, nickel or sulphur for a blue result, or copper oxide for a turquoise hue.

The practical consequence? While painted colored glass can be affected by scratches, sun exposure or wash (even hand-wash), stained colored glass keeps its color forever. It is the case here.

As a result, the stained colored Romana collection is dishwasher safe, made of a relatively thick and strong glass, with inner layers.

A word from India Jane: ‘Inspired by imperial glassware fit for a Tsar, this collection is beautifully hand crafted using a traditional layering process, resulting in a wonderful depth of colour.’

Each piece is a unique little objet d’art and makes a gift to cherish for years – whether you are treating yourself or a relative.

 Romana Plate, Sapphire, £29.50


Dimensions: 17 cm (diameter) & 3 cm (height)


Romana ball, Sapphire, £29.50


Dimensions: 14 cm (diameter) & 5 cm (height)


Romana highball glass, Sapphire, £18.50


Dimensions: 11 cm (height) & 6,5 cm (diameter)


Romana Cross tumbler, Sapphire, £18.50


Dimensions: 9 cm (height) & 8 cm (diameter)


Romana Laurel tumbler, Sapphire, £18.50


Dimensions: 9 cm (height) & 8 cm (diameter)


Romana tumbler, Sapphire, £18.50


Dimensions: 9 cm (height) & 8 cm (diameter)

Source+ more stunning glassware and tableware from the Romana collection @India Jane

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