These blue barefoot sandals really are jewellery for the feet. When the heat is on, there is nothing better than jewellery (covering up a minimum clothing) to dress you up during the day. And night.

Anything Blue review – Lagoon Blue Barefoot sandals, Sea horse & shells

Try these once, you’ll wear them all summer. Designed by Etsy shop owner Soft Crystals, this pair of genius ‘sandals’ are simply double sets of shoe strings, ended by a loop (for the toe), to tie around the ankle. Decorated with tiny shells and sea-horses, structured with mini boating knots, these lagoon blue sandals are an efficient way to color up your day.

The barefoot sandals are a great accessory to wear with a tan and a swimsuit on the beach, or anywhere you can walk around barefoot (at a beach party, or in most Asian homes).

Leaving soon for an exotic destination, or on honeymoon? These sandals won’t take much space in your suitcase. Once rolled up in their small pouch, they fit inside your fist.

Forget the complicated high heels, and say yes to sexy feet, blister-free! Our tip: tie the barefoot sandals around the ankles (vs calves), multiple times; wear them with your Havaianas.

A word from Soft Crystal: ‘Barefoot sandal with light blue long cord that can tie high on leg. Natural SHELLS in earth color, STONES fylntisi and blue and silver metal shells.
You can put your feet in the water, no need to worry, the materials are high quality. You can wear them on the beach, at home, with sandals or high heels. Unique design by soft crystal. It’s fantastic to wear these sandals on your feet! Make your legs look longer. Wear Barefoot Sandals on the beach pool, at home, at weddings party or at yoga class. One size fits all.’


Source: Blue Barefoot sandals, lagoon blue, Soft Crystal @Etsy

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