This pair of Mondrian Blue sandals by Italian designer Aquazzura deserve its name: Divine. 

Anything Blue review – Blue Sandals by Aquazzura

With an open toe, these sexy blue sandals feature an adjustable string to tie as you wish on the side or middle back of the ankle. Important note: thanks to the smart leather patch on the ankle, no risk to scissor your ankle. Also, the feet are already securely sleeved inside the sandals. So no risk to loose your shoes either, even untied.

Best features also include a striking Mondrian Blue soft suede fabric, and a great comfort and stability, a low price to pay for instantly adding 10 cm and a half to your leg. 

The sexy and elegant pair deserves a top place in the Carrie Bradshaw Hall of Shoes.

The Aquazzurra Mondrian She’s Divine blue sandals are available in the flagship boutique of the brand Florence, but also spot in Capri and seen in a lucky few online retailers selections.

A word from Aquazzura: ‘Sandals. She’S Divine 105. Heel: 105mm. Mondrian Blue laced up sandal. Available at our Aquazzura Boutique in Florence’

A perfect gift for a
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Source: Divine Blue Sandals, Womens Designer Shoes, Mondrian Blue @Aquazzura

Divine Blue Sandals, Womens Shoes @Aquazzura – Anything Blue

Divine Blue Sandals, Womens Shoes @Aquazzura – Anything Blue