If you have failed to name your daughter Anna or Elsa, at the very least, you owe her a Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker for her bedroom.

Anything Blue review – magical Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker + Anna + Elsa

And guess what, it’s actually a very nice castle design, so for once it might be 100% ok with Mummy (it’s a one-meter-high castle sticker, to remove or reposition as you wish).

Wait, maybe you don’t know Frozen. It’s the last Disney ‘princess’ movie – the in italics, because a 3D animated Walt Disney Studio released in 2013 that already box-officed over a billion D deserves one. Anna and Elsa are the 12th and 13th Princesses in the Walt Disney line-up, which is huge. Ask around in any primary school in New-York, London, Singapore or Tokyo: all the kids know Frozen. Do they know it was based on The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Andersen? Who also wrote The Little Mermaid but that’s another blue story.

PS: if you haven’t ‘let it go’ enough already, sing along with the video below.

A word from Becky + Lolo : ’11 wall stickers in total: 3 large self-adhesive, pre-cut wall stickers along with 8 smaller accent stickers to assemble together to create your wall design. Reusable and repositionable high quality printed design. Glitter design featuring Anna, Elsa, Ice Castle and snowflakes. Dimensions: Ice Castle H 98.5cm x W 41.9cm’


 Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker @Claire's - Anything Blue

 Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker @Claire's - Anything Blue

 Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker @Claire's - Anything Blue

£29.99  £20.40

Source: Frozen Ice Palace wall sticker @BeckyandLolo

Elsa ♥ Anna – ☆ Sisters Forever ☆

A perfect gift for a                      #Kid #Sister #Mother #Family


Bonus: Sing (with lyrics) Frozen, Let it go @YouTube


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