If you have a little buddy to entertain (or two), here is a great bedtime story by Prem Parshotam. On the menu: incredible underwater adventures, a bunch of treasure-hunting pirates, plenty of red fishes, one blue.

This digital book is likely to please little boys and little girls alike: published with colorful pictures, the story is all about understanding differences with others and celebrating friendship. And being the only blue fish in the ocean. The author has created and published her own kids fish story on Story Jumper, where YOU can also create, and share, your own. Enjoy, it’s all free.

The Blue Fish kids story opens with:

‘There was once a blue fish called Mack, who was different than all the others.

Nobody ever talked to him because he stood out.

He was blue, and there was nothing he could do…’

To read the whole story directly on Anything Blue, click on the picture below (then click on the bottom corners of the pages to turn them) or go
to The Blue Fish, Prem Parshotam @Story Jumper

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Book titled 'The Blue Fish'Read this free book made on StoryJumper