A home, a hiding place, a playground, this cute kids playhouse made of yarn was knitted in Bolivia and dyed using non toxic products, hence its deep indigo color.

Anything Blue review – One meter high kids Playhouse by LuckyBoySunday, available at Caravan Style

Imagined by children’s brand LuckyBoySunday, the item is available at Caravan Style, where you will find the most original toys and home decoration pieces, from antique game sets to wooden doll houses.

The blue yarn playhouse is made of flexible and bum-free material, very gentle to children and easy to set up and transport for the parents.

It can also be used as a place to stock the kiddo’s toys after play time (hopefully the playhouse can fit them all).

A word from Caravan Style: ‘Magical playhouse created by Camilla & Camilla, the inventive duo behind our favoured creative LuckyBoySunday brand. This imaginative abode has been knitted in Bolivia and coloured with non toxic dyes. Measures approx.  100cm x 107cm x 80cm. Machine washable on a gentle wool cycle, dry flat. Made from 100% acrylic yarn


Source: Kids Playhouse, LuckyBoySunday @Caravan Style

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