At first sight, you’d think it’s a decorative element, but no, this metal can is a real car, a real vintage car for kids.

Anything Blue review – Vintage Car for Kids, Toy for Toddlers, Gifts for Little Ones

With its navy blue metal body and retro feeling, this toy for toddlers and small children (from 18 months to 6 years old) is likely to please parents and kids alike.

And the best news is, the Vilac Racing car by Gifts for Little Ones will look great abandoned in the middle of your living room, as it does make a nice home decoration piece.

A perfect gift for a family.

A word from Gifts for Little Ones: ‘VILAC BLUE METAL RACING CAR RIDE ON. Traditional Racing Car ride on toy for toddlers. The blue metal racing car ride on by Vilac is a traditional toy in a classic car style for toddlers. A beautifully designed toy with blue metal body, steering wheel and wheels and a sporty number one design with racing stripes. The wheels are covered surrounded with rubber to make for a softer, smoother ride. A fun toy for play indoors and outdoors.

Vintage car for Kids @Gifts for Little Ones - Anything Blue

A great gift for a family: navy blue vintage car for Kids

SALE £95 £80

Dimensions: Length 76cm, Height 40cm, width 35cm

Source: Vintage car for Kids @Gifts for Little Ones

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