This blue luggage set is delivered with its own personal squire, who will drag and push the three suitcases everywhere for you. Nay, just kidding! That being said, you could almost say these suitcases roll by themselves, with a smart 4-wheel system and wheels that swivel 360 degrees. 


Anything Blue review – Blue Luggage set, VonHaus

That’s one, two, three assorted suitcases for all types of trips, from a weekend away to a short flight – the dimensions of the small suitcase should meet the sizing requirements for a cabin case on most airlines, but do check before flying.

From German manufacturer VonHaus, the set is built in a shock resistant polycarbonate shell (ABS), featuring an extending telescopic handle ensuring minimum effort along the journey, while a combination lock allows for maximum privacy and safety while on hold.

Our favourite feature? The elegant textured finish in royal blue.

A word from Domu: ‘Featuring a stylish design, the VonHaus 3 Piece Luggage Set will make you the envy of everyone waiting at the airport carousel. Hard-backed and made from extra durable ABS, these cases will ensure your belongings are safe and secure throughout your travels. All the cases are fully lined, so that your items have that extra bit of protection within the case. It has a clip in divider pocket allowing you to secure your holiday items into two halves. The divider has a mesh pocket so you can conceal even more items within the case.’

Vonhaus-blue-luggage-set-lock Vonhaus-blue-luggage-set-3

£129.99 RRP £74.99

Large – 53×30.5x77cm  (inside: 48x28x69cm approx.) – 4.5kg

Medium – 46x26x67cm (41x24x59cm approx) – 3.6kg

Small – 33×20.5x55cm (31x19x46cm approx.) – 2.7kg

Source + more pictures: Blue Luggage Set, VonHaus @Domu

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