This is the Limited Edition all ultramarine lovers were longing for: the All Star Yves Klein Blue Converse sneakers are available for men and for women at online luxury retailer Forzieri.

Anything Blue Review – All Stars Yves Klein Blue Converse, Limited Edition – for Men & Women ♂ ♀

♂ ♀ One gender fits all: this unisex collection was designed for both men and women, with sizes ranging from UK3,5 to UK11 – from EUR 36 women to EUR 44 men. 

The traditional canvas and rubber sole combo is declined in a unique “monochrome” Limited Edition, nearly cobalt, closer to International Klein Blue (read more about IKB).

An ideal double gift for Valentine’s Day (one pair each), these amazing blue Converse are on offer for a limited time only.

A word from Forzieri: ‘Limited Edition. Heel height: 2 cm. Closure: lace-up.’

Yves Klein Blue Converse, Limited Edition @Forzieri - Anything Blue

Limited edition – pair of unisex Yves Klein Blue Converse, available in Men and in Women sizes at Forzieri – Anything Blue


Source: Yves Klein Blue Converse for women and for men, All Stars hi canvas Roadtrip Blue Monochrome Limited Edition @Forzieri

A perfect gift for a            #Boyfriend #Girlfriend #Husband #Wife #Friend #TravelBuddy

How to wear it

An all black outfit; white or light blue cotton trousers; anything dark denim; another pop colour (yellow, lime green, cherry red); a hat.

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