Red, white, green, more red… Bo-ring. How about a blue Christmas tree for a change?


December Edition – a blue Christmas tree, with Etsy

Before the 20th century, Santa Claus was wearing brown and green, just like his fellow elves.

Hired by Coca-Cola as Brand Ambassador, Santa was revamped into the company’s corporate colors, and since then, the whole Winter Season is red. And white. And green.

Old traditions die hard, so chances are you will struggle to find Christmas decor in other colours on the High Street. But new century, new rules: today, thanks Heavens, there is Etsy!

Etsy, the online marketplace for unique findings, is our favorite resource to create a blue Christmas tree.

Chic gothic cobalt drops, an elf tree ornament, personalized stockings, our creative Etsy selection is for all budgets.


1. Tree ornaments

Chances are your great-great-grand-child will use them for his tree: these extra-large Christmas baubles are decoupaged in a traditional blue delf rose pattern, exquisitely classic (=won’t age) and each piece is handcrafted by ElliotBox in Uttoxeter.

Size: diameter is approximately 12 cm



Tired of balls? Go for drop pendants, and why not, chandelier ones, such as this stunning collection by Searglass Lights.


Royal Blue Christmas drop pendants, tree ornaments


The retailer based in Dorset, England, offers drop sets available in a variety of forms and colors – featured here in royal blue (10 chains of leaf shaped pieces and 10 chains of oval shaped pieces) and in purple and blue (5x Blue and 5x Purple leaf shaped, 5x Purple diamond shaped, 5x Purple teardrop shaped and 5x Blue oval shaped chains).


Gothic chic Christmas decor on Etsy –


A Gothic-chic Christmas anyone?


Look, an elf! A cute one, even, to hide inside your Christmas tree.

Made out of 100% natural material, this hand-embroidered elf doll by PollyHadADolly was inspired by the Waldorf tradition and will ravish all the family. You can even choose the skin colour!

Blue Christmas tree elf - Anything Blue

Blue Christmas tree elf – Anything Blue

£12 – Aww, this is so cute…


And since there can’t be a Winter season or a Christmas tree without any snowflake, here is a sparkling blue ornament made of metallic thread, not only pretty but also built to last. Like a real snowflake, each piece is unique, ‘hand shuttle tatted’ with love by Tatiana Rosa in the UK.


Each snowflake is unique!


Dimensions: width: 2,5 inches / 65 mm and length: just under 3 inches / 73 mm, excluding the drop


2. Garlands and tinsels

Wrap up your tree in one (or three) blue tinsel garlands for a quick and effective result – Sally’s Etsy shop ALittleScrappy (over 6 thousands 5 star reviews) offers aqua, marine and royal blue tinsels (below) with metallic accents.

Blue tinsel, a blue Christmas tree @Etsy - Anything Blue

Blue tinsel for a blue Christmas tree


Dimension: 1 yard or 92cm long (just under a meter)


Half-tinsel, half-Christmas balls, these soft cotton fairy lights are the perfect compromise for a blue Christmas tree. Shipped worldwide from Bangkok, Thailand, the three-meter long string is composed of 20 balls, each measuring 6cm diameter.


Blue and white cotton ball fairy lights (handmade)


InspireStringLights also offers a turquoise/aqua pastel sweet version.


If you’re looking to stand apart with an original tree decor, how about Origami flower blue fairy lights? During the day, the ten handmade flowers made of white paper will look very stylish on your tree, transforming into bright blue Tinkerbell-like lights at dark.


Stunning blue led origami fairy lights (led means no heat)


Plus, the one-meter long string lights are battery operated (powered by 2 AA), perfect if you would like to avoid cables around the tree. A unique creation by LynherAndAvonrigami.


3. Christmas Stockings

This adorable set of Christmas Stockings is handmade by YesPleaseStudio, which means you can request a custom order with your own choice of ribbons, material and dimensions (the stockings shown below measure 11 x 16 x 8 inches/ 28 x 40 x 20 cm).

Christmas Stockings, a blue Christmas tree @Etsy - Anything Blue

Christmas Stockings by Yes Please Studio @Etsy


YesPleaseStudio ships worldwide from Georgia, USA.


How about personalized stocking embroidered with the names of the family members?

Choose one of the three blue shades from the Snowflake collection by Stocking Factory Eugenie, also based in the United States, benefiting from over 10,000 5-star reviews on her Etsy shop.

Blue Christmas tree embroidered stocking @Etsy - Anything Blue

Blue Christmas tree embroidered stocking @Etsy – Anything Blue

And that’s nearly all, folks, Etsy shops come up everyday with new creative ideas, so go ahead and browse for more.


Blue Christmas - Anything Blue

We wish you a Merry and Blue Christmas!

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