It’s no secret: blue makeup and especially blue eye shadow has cemented itself as a must-do over this Winter season 2016. And it’s likely stretch to the rest of the decade .


Anything Blue February Edition – interview of Pauline from Guerlain – #BlueMakeup

We had many questions (which blue make up for who? Is blue lipstick a thing?) to ask busy makeup professional Pauline, from Luxury Cosmetics Maison Guerlain. Pauline graciously accepted to answer them, explaining how to best show off your blue side in 2016.

 Cover picture source & credits: Dirk Bader for Vogue India, December 2013


Anything Blue Hi Pauline! Is blue the latest trend in makeup?

– Pauline: This year, it looks like it is. We’ve seen blue makeup mushrooming on the catwalks like during Jonathan Saunders’s Summer 2016 fashion show or Missoni at the last Milan Fashion week. What really is convenient with blue makeup is that you could wear it everyday – unlike other colors, like green, which is really pretty but not always appropriate to go to school or to work.

How to wear blue makeup this winter?

– Dark! The only question is just how deep and dramatic you’re prepared to go… You can start with metallic blue eyeliner (to apply close to your lash line) or go for a full blue look with eye shadow on top of it.

If you find yourself a bit “stuck” to your black-eyeliner-and-mascara routine, blue is a good option to start diversifying your daily makeup style.

A cobalt blue eye pencil, for instance, instantly gives you a quirky yet cool look.

Blue makeup, Jonathan Saunders show, spring 2016 Ready-to-wear - Anything Blue

Blue makeup, Jonathan Saunders 2016 Spring Show – Anything Blue

Any tips for a daily blue look?

– I’d recommend to keep it simple and natural but with blue touches. To start: put a little touch of light blue eye shadow or a little bit of blue pencil under the eyes (in the corner) and use blue mascara on the sides or tips of the lashes.

If you want to use a liner for a deep blue eye look, I’d recommend hardly wearing any other makeup… Blue speaks for itself!

Are blue eyes and blue makeup a team?

Taylor Swift blue eyeshadow @Glamour - Anything Blue

Taylor Swift’s  blue eye shadow @Glamour

– It can be. Blue makeup on blue eyes? I’d say it all depends on the eyes’ shade of blue. You’d have to make sure your blue makeup doesn’t “kill” your eyes blue colour. Plus, not all blue eyes work with the same palettes of blue.

For instance, if your eyes are light blue, try aqua or turquoise eye make up; if they are dark blue, use a grey eye shadow.


Blue lipstick: do or don’t? 

– I like the idea to be able to wear blue lipstick on special occasions, such as a big night out or for a theme party. But to be really honest, I don’t think blue lipstick can replace the classic and very feminine red lipstick. Red lipstick is a must-have in a women’s makeup vanity case. What I can imagine though is sort of a mauve or dark purple lipstick, red but with a lot of blue.


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And blue eyebrows ?

– Hmm, why not. Cara Delevingne once said, it’s time for blue eyebrows!

Should we forget blue makeup after this winter?

Absolutely not! What’s great with blue makeup is that you could wear it everyday of the year. It really depends on the shades used… When days get warmer, try baby blue eyeshadow.

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