GEMOLOGUE is our special guest this month, as Sapphire is the September birthstone, and we’ve decided, a Blue Gems Month on Anything Blue.

Yes, there is only a limited number of blue stones and gemstones, but it’s not only turquoises and sapphires. Have you heard of indigolite? Or tourmaline? Okay, that’s cheating, this is the same gemstone with two different names… But there are some captivating blue gems out there.

Anything Blue September Edition: a Blue Gem Month, with GEMOLOGUE

We’ve invited jewelery expert and cobalt lover Liza Urla, the girl behind GEMOLOGUE, to comment on a selection of blue pieces.

“Discovering stunning jewels is the raison d’etre of GEMOLOGUE”, in the Top 5 Jewellery Blogs in the world. In 2015, GEMOLOGUE won Best Blog, Fashion Category at UK Blog Awards 2015.


Liza - Blue Gems Month with Gemologue - Anything Blue

Liza Urla, the girl behind Gemologue on Anything Blue


Sapphire for September Selection


The ‘Chocolate Box’ is a diamond-rimmed ring with sapphire, aquamarine and blue tourmaline (or indigolite, top left on the picture).


Blue gemstone ring (Tourmaline, Sapphire & Diamonds): the Chocolate Box, Andrew Geoghegan @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

Blue gemstone ring (Tourmaline, Sapphire & Diamonds): the Chocolate Box, Andrew Geoghegan on Anything Blue

Liza from GEMOLOGUE: This ring embodies an eclectic spirit of the modern woman: elegant with impeccable taste, who nevertheless has a penchant for contemporary take on jewellery.


The Abbot Kinneys are a pair of lagoon blue pendant earrings with sapphire and zircon, set in a 18 carat yellow gold frame. The miracle of a light blue gemstone? It perfectly matches all colors, skin stones and hair types (more here).

Blue pendant earrings @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

The Abbot Kinney earrings, blue pendant earrings by Alexandra Alberta on Anything Blue


Liza from GEMOLOGUE: “All of us are on a never-ending look out for earrings we can wear on a day-to-day basis. Our first port of call are of course diamond studs, but afterwards we want something a little more exciting, a little more daring to add to our jewellery box!”


This Winged Victory cameo in blue agate was crafted in Naples by Del Gatto (the ‘Cat’), an Italian House specialized in antique jewellery. This silhouette was inspired by the Roman Goddess of victory (the equivalent of Nike in Greece).

Blue Cameo Pendant - Blue Gems Month with Gemologue - Anything Blue

Blue Cameo Pendant Necklace, Del Gatto on Anything Blue

Liza from GEMOLOGUE: This blue Cameo evokes nostalgia, a sentimental longing for halcyon days of a childhood. It reminds me of family holidays spent by the sea; it awakens memories of running down a beach of soft white sand, of swimming in clear seawaters, and of building mighty sand castles.”


Simplicity in Luxury: the gorgeous ‘Lapilli’ drop earrings below are crafted in Murano glass, the precious trademark of Venetian art. Our tip: for a stunning effect, wear your hair up and let the light shine through the glass.

Light blue murano glass pendant earrings @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

Lapilli, light blue Murano glass pendant earrings on Anything Blue

Liza from GEMOLOGUE: “This is a versatile piece that will take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the evening.”


 A timeless classic: this 3.40CT oval blue sapphire diamond ring (here in platinum) would make a stunning engagement ring, Kate Middleton-style, as sapphires symbolize loyalty and faithfulness.


Sapphire September Birthstone, Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring on Anything Blue

Liza from GEMOLOGUE: This ring is perhaps the most personal piece of jewellery, often a sparkling token of love or other positive emotion.”


More about GEMOLOGUE

‘GEMOLOGUE, launched by Liza Urla in 2009, is in Top 5 Jewellery Blogs. GEMOLOGUE is a celebration of fine, fashion and vintage jewellery featuring exquisite global discoveries, trendy urban street style, exclusive interviews and rare jewellery reviews. Liza Urla is a jewellery writer, stylist and creative muse, devoting her time to the things that inspire her, living and travelling all over the world, consulting on fine jewellery, art directing editorials or working as a contributor for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Winning Best Fashion Blog at UK BLOG AWARDS 2015 has further cemented GEMOLOGUE’s position as a leader in jewellery trend setting.

Liza is known for her exquisite taste and fashion flair, European attitude and Asian upbringing, having that all important eye for detail and intricate beauty. Liza has a natural visual talent and an innate passion for jewellery, reinforced by a gemology degree in diamonds and coloured stones from NYC.’

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