Hopefully, the bees won’t mistake this lovely blue flower hair clip, made of fabric, for a real one: the flower bears a striking resemblance to a large rose in soft shades of navy.


Anything Blue review – Pictures, pictures, pictures and a little blue flower


With a diameter just above 10cm (the height of your iPhone’s screen), this hair clip makes a fantastic something blue for a bride (or her bridesmaids), with fantastic wedding pictures to come.

You will also find that large floral headbands have a similar wow effect on wedding pictures.

Then yes, you can also wear it for fun, and go spend a sunny day in the park with it, hippie style.

A word from Claire’s: ‘Blue Flower Hair Clip – Dimensions: W 100mm – Fabric/Metal. Colour: Navy


Source: Large blue Flower Hair Clip @Claire’s

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