Oh no, please, ditch this ridiculous garter – from a shrunken denim jacket to a unicorn tattoo, here are eight bright ideas for a Something Blue, to share with brides-to-be around you.

Anything Blue July Edition – The Borrowed, the New, the Old and the Blue, 8 ideas for a Something Blue

1 – Something rock-and-blue (featured picture from rusticweddingchic.com)

Is it the contrast between the rock-and-roll fabric and the virginal white dress? Funkier than the classic white pashmina, a denim jacket over a wedding gown is a winning combo.

Denim jacket for her - Anything Blue

Denim jacket for her, French Connection, £95


2 – Something swimming pool blue

Dive into your future with turquoise pumps on, and not just any pumps: this pair of blue suede shoes belong to London fashion designer Charlotte Olympia’s extensive collection of shoes and handbags for women.

Swimming Pool Blue Suede Pumps Charlotte Olympia - Anything Blue

Swimming Pool Blue Suede Pumps by Charlotte Olympia, £495


3 – Something just for Me & You

“I love you”, “August 6th, 2016” or even “See you later, lover-gator”, whichever your personal message to your groom is, engrave it on a open-disc silver bracelet by Merci Maman and give it to him in the morning of your D-day.

Then get a twin bracelet for yourself (with the same, or a different inscription). Voodoo-bless this cute Toi & Moi set on the wedding’s eve with your bridesmaids, and voila: 50 years of happiness guaranteed!


Toi & Moi set, duo of personalized open disc bracelets by Merci Maman, £69


4 – Something tattoo

Just for this one special day, get this tiny blue Cartolina bird by Tattly inside your wrist, or hide this cute unicorn by Pepperink behind your knee (or elsewhere) for your groom to discover it after the wedding.


This tiny bird tattoo is part of the nautical set, $15 for 8 pieces on Tattly


Like Love, ‘Magic is all around us’ says the Blue Unicorn – pepperink on Etsy, £4.30


5 – Something floral blue

Bride or bridesmaids bouquet, table centerpieces, the trend is for simple blue wedding flowers.

With blue hues ranging from marine to cornflower, hydrangeas look stunning in wedding pictures, especially in the Summer according to Campbells Flowers blog (picture below).


Picture and tips from Campbells Flowers blog

By the way, do you know how to grow blue hydrangeas? If your soil is not naturally rich in granite, bury an iron key or some pieces of cut slate inside the bunch’s soil. Your white or pink flowers will turn blue.

Or, just buy a blue one directly – our favourites are the Hydrangea Magical® ‘Amethyst Blue’ and the Bicolour Hydrangea ‘Bavaria’ from spaldingbulb.co.uk.


6 –  Something modern new

As all former brides can remember, the moment when you just don’t know what to do with your bridal bouquet happens quite fast after the wedding ceremony. You’d like to hold your groom’s hand and enjoy a much-deserved glass of champagne? It usually means sacrificing the flowers. Except… if you can hang your bouquet to your wrist! That’s the point of a floral pomander bowl (pictured below).

Ask your flower specialist to design one with blue chardons just for you, thanks to this DYI guide from Lucy Dylan Weddings.

8 ideas for a Something Blue in 2016 - Anything Blue


7 – Something metal blue

If you’re looking for a classic pale blue hue on your fingertips, the Borrowed and Blue nail varnish by essie is for you.

But if you’re looking for something more mature and modern, try the metal navy blue nail polish Infaillible by L’Oreal (pictured below), a sapphire or diamond ring’s best friend.

Blue nails - Anything Blue

Metal Blue nails make a great something blue for a bride


8 – Something old, but good as new

Blue Abbot Kinney pendant earrings, a gorgeous Pimlico ring, Anything Blue’s April Edition with Jewel Street has got some serious wedding jewellery ideas.

Trendy Wedding, le blog (in French) - Anything Blue

April 2015 Edition – Illustration from Trendy Wedding, le blog (in French)

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