Not just any blue fairy, this Winged Angel blue Cameo crafted in Naples, Italy, is a celebration of Victory, inspired by Roman Art.

Anything Blue review – Winged Angel Blue cameo, Agate stone necklace pendant

You see ‘wing’, you think ‘angel’? Well, according to Wikipedia (below), ‘flying winged angels, very often in pairs flanking a central figure or subject, are derivations in visual terms from pairs of winged Victories in classical art’. A further search for ‘Winged Victory’ leads to the origin of the Roman Goddess of Victory, Victoria, the equivalent of Nike in Greece, worshiped by the triumphant generals returning from war as she would bring victory over death.

For more information, see end of this article, but in short, winged characters were incarnations of the Spirit of Victory, BC, before mutating into genderless angels and other cherubs, AD.

Goddess of Victory… It bodes well for whoever gets to wear this lovely blue cameo pendant necklace from Del Gatto (the ‘Cat’), an Neapolitan House of jewellery and antiques. This timeless piece features a gorgeous blue agata stone, framed in yellow gold (18 carat). To confirm that she is nothing like a fairy, the winged character is holding a spear, heading to the battlefield.

With the appeal of an antique lucky charm, a cameo is a perfect gift for any close relative (mother, sister, wife, best friend, God-daughter) and makes a classic Something Blue for a bride.

A word from Forzieri: ‘The Italian Del Gatto family has been working in the shell cameo and coral art for over five generations. This beautiful cameo in an 18K gold frame, is part made of agate, a particular Brasilian stone. Gift box included. Made in Naples, Italy. Dimensions: W 1.80 x H 2.30 x D 0.30 [cm] (in. W 0.71 x H 0.91 x D 0.12)’

Winged Angel blue Cameo, Del Gatto @Forzieri - Anything Blue

Victoria is the Roman Goddess of Victory – Winged Angel blue Cameo, Del Gatto – Anything Blue


Source: Winged Angel blue Cameo, Del Gatto @Forzieri

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Liza from GEMOLOGUE: This blue Cameo evokes nostalgia, a sentimental longing for halcyon days of a childhood. It reminds me of family holidays spent by the sea; it awakens memories of running down a beach of soft white sand, of swimming in clear seawaters, and of building mighty sand castles.”

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‘Victoria, in ancient Roman religion, was the personified goddess of victory. She is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike, and was associated with Bellona. […]

Unlike the Greek Nike, who was known for success in athletic games such as chariot races, Victoria was a symbol of victory over death and determined who would be successful during war.

Victoria appears widely on Roman coins, jewelry, architecture, and other arts.

She is often seen with or in a chariot, as in the late 18th-century sculpture representing Victory in a quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany; “Il Vittoriano” in Rome has two. Nike or Victoria was the charioteer for Zeus in his battle to over take Mount Olympus.’

Source: Victoria, Mythology @Wikipedia