The whys and hows behind, the digital collection of all things blue


We are two sisters with a common passion: we love anything blue. We see the world through blue-tinted spectacles.

Why Anything Blue?

One day, after reading a study reporting that blue was the favourite colour worldwide, we’ve wondered: how about we create a media dedicated to the colour blue and federate this blue loving crowd?

We thought of a digital magazine with information, fun facts and stories about this fascinating colour, to inform and entertain a community of blue lovers.

We’ve included our ideal blue shopping list – fashion stuff (for her, for him), home stuff (glassware, pillow covers, iPad covers), ideas for a bride’s something blue, gifts for kids (boys and girls too). All in the blue color. Sometimes, even the brand is blue.

* User instructions

Start on Anything Blue’s homepage, then play with the Category menu and a Colour palette to navigate through our selection, or search for an idea.

6 categories: Ladies in BlueMen in BlueLittle Blue

 Blue DecorSomething Blue (Wedding)Stories about Blue

Anything Blue

Three ways to navigate through Anything Blue: a Colour palette and a Category menu (6 categories) as well as a Search bar


We’ve started publishing our findings on in December 2014; since then, we are continuously scanning the web to find the best of blue online.

All blue lovers are welcome to suggest improvements, ideas and stories.


For more info/ how to contact us, visit About Anything Blue


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