Did you know Rock Star Elvis was a great actor too? Blue Hawaii (1961) is an American musical set in paradisiac Hawaii and starring Elvis Presley. The movie (and the soundtrack) were a huge success, and won several prizes. Elvis fans loved Blue Hawaii so much that the King almost thought they would not appreciate him as just a singer anymore!

He should not have worried.  


Elvis Presley’s eighth film was ‘Blue Hawaii’, filmed in the tropical paradise of the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai. ‘Blue Hawaii’ was Elvis’ biggest commercial success.

With 14 songs, more than any other Elvis film, the soundtrack album spent a total of 79 weeks on Billboard’s pop album chart, with 20 of those weeks at #1. Blue Hawaii, a musical comedy originally tided Beach Boy, became the most successful film of Elvis Presley’s career. Elvis stars as Chad Gates, whose wealthy family owns a successful pineapple plantation in Hawaii. At the beginning of the film, Chad has just returned from the Army, and his family is eager for him to pursue the family business. Instead, Chad lands a job as a guide in the tourist agency where girlfriend Maile, played by Joan Blackman, also works.

His new vocation not only allows him to use his knowledge of the Islands’ most beautiful sites but also affords him enough time to cavort on the beach with his native Hawaiian buddies. Tension mounts as Chad’s blue-blooded mother, played by Angela Lansbury, objects to his job, his girlfriend, and his beach-loving friends. Chad eventually proves a success in the tourist business, and he finally wins the approval of his family by marrying Maile and making plans to open his own tourist agency.

Filming for ‘Blue Hawaii’ began on March 27, 1961 in the lush islands of Hawaii. Location shooting took place on the islands of Oahu and Kauai and was finished by April 17th. The cast and crew then returned to Hollywood where filming continued until May 23rd.’

Elvis Presley and Joan Blackman in Blue Hawaii @ElvisPresley - Anything Blue

Elvis Presley and Joan Blackman in Blue Hawaii – ‘Rock-A-Hula Baby’ @ElvisPresley – Anything Blue

‘Elvis loved Hawaii. It was one of his favorite places to vacation and this movie provides us with a glimpse into the beauty of these islands.

That combined with the romantic tropical music Elvis sings creates within us all the desire to visit ‘Blue Hawaii’.’

‘Behind the Scenes of Blue Hawaii

Much of Blue Hawaii was filmed on location in Hawaii, which had only joined the union in 1959. The new state of Hawaii was as eager for the exposure in a major Hollywood film as the producers and actors were to shoot there. Such beautiful Hawaiian locations as Waikiki Beach, Ala Moana Park, Lydgate Park, and the Coco Palms Resort Hotel were used in the film; also used were such unglamorous locations as the Honolulu jail. […]

Elvis at the Coco Palms Resort, 1961 @ElvisPresley.com - Anything Blue

Elvis at the Coco Palms Resort, 1961 @ElvisPresley.com – Anything Blue

‘The success of Blue Hawaii sealed Elvis’ fate in terms of his film career. Though Flaming Star and Wild in the Country had not lost money, neither had they set the box office afire. The Colonel used the box-office grosses of Blue Hawaii to convince Elvis that his fans preferred him in musical comedies. […]

Blue Hawaii – Paramount 1961

Directed Norman Taurog

Writing Credits Alan Weiss(story), Hal Kanter

Producer Hal Wallis

Technical Advisor Colonel Tom Parker

Technicolor and Panavision

Cast Overview: Elvis Presley …. Chad Gates, Joan Blackman …. Maile Duval, Angela Lansbury …. Sarah Lee Gates, Nancy Walters …. Abigail Prentice, Roland Winters …. Fred Gates, John Archer …. Jack Kelman, Howard McNear …. Mr. Chapman, Steve Brodie …. Tucker Garvey, Iris Adrian …. Enid Garvey, Jenny Maxwell …. Ellie Corbett, Pamela Austin …. Selena (Sandy) Emerson, Darlene Tompkins …. Patsy Simon, Christian Kay …. Beverly Martin, Lani Kai …. Carl Tanami, Jose De Vega …. Ernie Gordon.

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