Experts agree about blue in fashion: it is a dominant colour and a best-selling one.

Anything Blue’s October Edition – Blue in fashion: which blue?

No matter the season or your personal clothing style, blue works for everyone, and is everywhere to be seen in fashion collections (a colour also increasingly present in the Art world).

Democratized by the use of synthetic fibers in the textile industry, blue is the favorite color worldwide. Not only the best-selling colour is rich in hues, from turquoise to periwinkle, but single blue types dominate each Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter season – lately, royal blue and cobalt.

Each blue conveys a different impression. Light blues, such as the popular denim, foster peace and relaxation. Navy is a widespread colour, a corporate blue symbolizing consensus, trust and justice – not to mention that blue a dominant colour in flags worldwide.

Pop Blue in fashion is great for… contrast, with white and/or black

In 2015, we’ve seen bold, artsy and vibrant blues such as electric blue and cobalt progressively invading the pages of fashion magazines, and our wardrobes. Do you love cobalt? You are not alone. Artist Yves Klein was so obsessed with ultramarine, he patented his own hue, IKB, in 1957. It looks like its intensely magnetic power is now spreading into the world.

Dynamic, romantic, pop blues such as royal blue and cobalt are now very trendy. Not that they don’t exist in nature (think of Damian Hirst’s popular butterflies), but they are difficult to copy. Thankfully, 100 years after the industrial revolution, 50 years after the boom of global consumerism, most people on the planet have now access to formerly rare colors.

So as to wear these vibrant blues, InStyle (below) suggests pop colors  are a best match in contrast with white or black clothing. Or on their own, if you can manage statement looks.

 InStyle: These deep blues pop against white and are rich and sophisticated with black. So add touches of one or both to an ensemble: Layer a long blue blazer over black pants, and wrap a white leather belt around your waist, for example. Purists should embrace it in its most vibrant form (see J.Mendel’s elegant gown), while those who are color-shy can slip into a silky top or sculpted heels.

Source + read more of Blue Mood in InStyle’s blue in fashion tips

 Photos: (brands left to right) J. Mendel, Valentino, Michael Kors, Missoni

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