Blue is indubitably a growing trend in Art, as Journalist Hili Perlson reports on, in an article dated April 13th, 2015.

Blue in the Art world: the Blue Fever

After comparing the main colors in oil paintings, a Swedish doctorate in psychology named Martin Bellander tweeted a fascinating graph from his findings, showing an increasing use of our favorite color in artworks.

Could it be because the indigo pigment was rare, hence mainly used for religious art (e.g. to celebrate the Virgin Mary) until the end of Renaissance?

Maybe: the study focuses on art since the 1800s, and we know the introduction of synthetic indigo in the mid-1800s has changed the game for color-consuming industries such as textile, decoration or art.

Maybe, but not only: you will notice the blue trend is especially soaring since the 1910s… Suggesting the blue fever is not only due to availability of material resources.

Discover how Blue has been winning over our art palette (and how Orange has been taking over our screens) with more details from the Swedish Karolinska Institutet study below.

Bellander downloaded over 130,000 pictures of fine-art paintings from the Internet, to compare dominant colors over two centuries, the Smithsonian Magazine reports. His sources for paintings made between 1800 and 2000 were websites like BBC, Google Art Project, Wikiart, and Wikimedia Commons. Zooming in on a random range of 100 pixels from each image, he plotted the fragments on a graph to give an overview of how color preferences transformed over time.’

Blue in the art world @artnet - Anything Blue

Blue in the art world @artnet – Anything Blue

Source (+ picture):
New Study Shows Blue Is The Most Popular Color by Hili Perlson (13/4/15) @Artnet