In June, for Blue Superhero Month, we’ve invited Walt Disney characters Ursula and Hades, the villains in The Little Mermaid and Hercules, as well as Aladdin‘s best friend, Genie, to chat about their lives and careers after the success of their Disney movies.

PS: this is a fake interview of course… but inspired from the real blue Disney characters!


Disney Villains Interview #1 – Ursula, Hades & Genie


Anything Blue: Hi guys, long time no see. Could you tell us what you’re up to these days?

Ursula: In the past, I’ve been quite nasty. People called me the Sea Witch, you know. And, poor unfortunate souls, they were right. A few years ago, I would have done anything to be the ruler of all oceans! But today, I just take care of my little poopsies, that’s what makes me happy. I love them so much.

Genie: Well, I still fulfill wishes. Three, to be exact. Uno, dos, tres. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds. And these days, it pays the rent quite well. A lot of people want wishes, I have a lot of work.

Hades: Unlike you, I have a full-time job: Lord of the Deads. Would love to tell you more about it but I don’t think you’ll understand. Sorry babe. But one thing I can tell you, I fell in love. With Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty. We’ll get married soon, I hope.

Ursula @Devianart - Anything Blue

Ursula and her poopsies @Devianart – Anything Blue

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Anything Blue: It looks like your weight problems have gotten worse. What happened?

Ursula: Bah! Back in the day we had fantastic feasts in the ocean. At that time I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a pound. Now I need to go swimming everyday – quite a hard schedule to follow, if you ask me.

Genie: Oi, what can I say! Ten thousand years in a lamp gives you such a hunger…

Hades: You know, where I live is a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people. So what you do? You eat. Candies, chocolate, peanut butter. But Maleficent doesn’t not like it very much. She’d talked me into a diet.

Hades @Devianart - Anything Blue

Smiling Hades @Deviantart – Anything Blue

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Anything Blue: What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Ursula: Some years ago, I had a crush on a human. And not just any human. A prince! I just couldn’t stand it. So I took the matter into my own tentacles and talked to him. He did not even dare answering.

Genie: Once, I was in a cave playing chest with a magic rug and I lost. A magic rug, can you believe that? And they call me Genie. Man, that was really awkward.

Hades: The day I met Maleficient, I had an enormous hunk of moussaka caught in my throat, and I choked so much, I almost died. She’s so beautiful, this girl. But I could not have died, you see, I’m already dead.

Genie @Devianart - Anything Blue

the Happy Genie @Deviantart – Anything Blue

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Anything Blue: Last question, why are you guys so blue??

Ursula: Can’t you understand living in the ocean makes you feel blue most of the time?!

Genie: To be honest, I could be the color I want to be. I’m a Genie after all! I thought blue would suit me. And it does, doesn’t it?

Hades: I guess that’s what you get from living with dead people all day long. I would have loved to be red, or green, like peppers, or like my darling, Maleficent. But no, I’m blue. I’m blue, da bee dee da bee da .


Maleficient and Hades @DeviantArt - Anything Blue

Maleficient and Hades in love @DeviantArt – Anything Blue


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