Who wants to be Mystique, the iconic blue-skinned, red-head, kick-ass mutant in the X-Men sequel? Sounds fun? You might change your mind after reading the interviews of Jennifer Lawrence (CinemaBlend) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (the Daily News) about the experience of actually getting under Mystique’s blue skin… In other words, being a shapeshifter and a blue superhero has a price.

That being said, Mystique, alias Raven Darkholme, is not the only blue X-Men character: (re)discover her biography and relations to other blue companions, such as Nightcrawler and Beast, in the 5 extracts below.


‘Playing Mystique in an X-Men movie stinks. Not the ass-kicking part. That’s amazing and fun (I’d imagine). I mean the extensive prep work that goes into appearing on screen as a character who is blue from head-to-toe.

Jennifer Lawrence returns to play Mystique in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past after playing the lethal shape-changer in X-Men: First Class. Her cute nickname for the character – and the grueling make-up process – is “Mystink.”

[…] The good news, according to Kinberg, is that the X-Men team was able to greatly reduce the amount of time needed to turn Jennifer Lawrence into Mystique this time around. “We got Jen’s makeup [application] down from I think seven or eight hours on X-Men: First Class to about three or four on this film, which is pretty awful but at least it’s not torture.”

The site suggests that reductions in the amount of overall prep time could go a long way toward convincing Lawrence to reprise the role of Mystique in a spinoff movie, as has been rumored. You might recall that back in 2013, the Oscar-winning actress told E! that the X-Men producers were working on using a body suit more often than body makeup… primarily because the makeup used caused Jennifer Lawrence to break out in skin rash.

And it’s really hard to fight off Professor Xavier and his gifted students when you are dealing with itches and puss.’

Source: ‘How X-Men Producers Made ‘Mystink’ Slightly Easier For Jennifer Lawrence’, by Sean O’Connel, 2014 @CinemaBlend


‘PASADENA, Calif. — There’s no blue mutant skin in sight around the large sitting room where Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is curled up on a love seat.

The “X-Men 2” star is wrapped in an un-superherolike beige shawl to curb the chill of an overcast April day, and she makes no secret that she’s thrilled to be rid of her famously form-fitting blue bodysuit.

“It was really claustrophobic,” she said with a laugh.

Romijn-Stamos endured a six-hour makeup process that began at 2 a.m. each day to reprise her role as Mystique, the metamorphosing mutant in “X-Men 2: Mutants United,” which opens May 2.

Despite the daily discomfort of being glued and spray-painted, the former supermodel sees Mystique as another satisfyingly offbeat role in a film career that began with the first “X-Men” in 2000, took a hit with the action dud “Rollerball” and resurfaced with this year’s Brian DePalma thriller, “Femme Fatale.”


She also got a blue-skinned companion in Nightcrawler, a mutant with teleportation powers played by Alan Cumming.

Seizing on the misery-loves-company adage, the pair often holed up together in a trailer, complaining about their costumes and watching videos.

“Alan and I made a little support group for each other. We were like an old bitchy blue married couple,” she said.’

‘Rebecca as Mystique, blue again’ by Laura Randall for the Daily News, May 02, 2003 @Philly.com

Blue Superhero: blue skinned Mystique X-Men @Philly.com - Anything Blue

Blue Superhero: blue skinned Mystique X-Men The Daily News @Philly.com – Anything Blue

Image source: pixgood.com




Real Name            Raven Darkholme

Alias(es)            Grace – Senator Kelly – Henry Gyrich – Colonel Sanders – General Nhuan – William Stryker

Species            Mutant

Gender            Female

Date of Birth            1934

Age            89

Birth Place            United States of America

Team            Division X (formerly) – X-Men

Movie            X-Men

                      X2: X-Men United

                      X-Men: The Last Stand

                      X-Men: First Class

                      X-Men: Days of Future Past

                      X-Men: Apocalypse

Game            X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Comic            X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Magneto

                      X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine

Portrayed by            Rebecca Romijn – Jennifer Lawrence – Morgan Lily (young)



Early Life

Little is known of Raven’s life prior to her break-in into the Xavier Mansion. However, from what she revealed in X-Men and X-Men: The Last Stand, her early life was rather tragic. As a little child, her mutation was so abnormal to others that she feared going to school. Additionally, her parents, also fearful of her mutation, had at one point tried to kill her. Eventually, after years of abuse, Raven ran away.



Metamorph – Mystique can alter the formation of her biological cells at will. As a result she can cause herself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human of either sex, wearing virtually any kind of clothing. Her control is so exact that she can precisely duplicate another persons retina pattern in her own eyes, finger, palm and skin-pore patterns on her own hands and skin, and vocal cords to match voices to the point of corresponding voice-prints. She can also make herself look exactly like a person who is physically bigger than herself, though she will not weigh as much as the real person does.

Retarded Aging – Her metamorphic powers have retarded the degenerative effects of her aging process.d

Superhuman Agility – As a part of her mutation, Mystique possesses the extreme flexibility and agility. She was able to move her handcuffed arms from behind her back to her front, unlock clamps on her hands or strangle someone by using only her foot.

Superhuman Healing – Mystique is able to heal herself but in slow pace. When Wolverine stabbed her with his claws in X-Men (film), she went unconscious but the open wounds were seen healing themselves. Depending on the severity of the wound, it may take longer to heal and even leave behind a scar. For example, in X2: X-Men United Wolverine was able to identify Mystique based on the scars that he caused on her. Another example is in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Mystique had to seek medical care for serious wound caused by Magneto after he shot her and made the bullet travel along her leg.’

Source: Mystique @X-Men Movie Wikia

Blue Superhero: Mystique @X-Men Movie Wikia - Anything Blue

Blue Superhero: Mystique @X-Men Movie Wikia – Anything Blue



Kurt Wagner is a prominent member of the X-Men and former member and leader of Excalibur. He possessed the mutant ability of teleportation, as well as incredible agility and a prehensile tail. Nightcrawler was a devout Catholic, contrasting his demonic appearance. A swashbuckling trickster and former circus acrobat.

Kurt Wagner is the product of a love affair between two mutants, both with origins that have never fully been explained. His mother was the terrorist Mystique, who at the time was the wife of Baron Christian Wagner, believed to be the father of Nightcrawler for a long time. In truth, his father is the Neyaphem warlord, Azazel, who had a great master plan to impregnate earth women with his children so he could escape the brimstone dimension.’

Source: Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner @Comicvine.com

Blue Superhero: Mystique, Nightcrawler @Comicvine.com - Anything Blue

Blue Superhero: Mystique, Nightcrawler @Comicvine.com – Anything Blue


‘The Reason X-Men Hasn’t Pushed Beast And Mystique’s Romance More

In addition to reintroducing younger versions of the mutants known as Beast and Mystique, X-Men: First Class also did its part to establish a new dynamic between the two characters. Bonding over the fact that they couldn’t show their true faces in public, the two of them sparked a romantic relationship that wound up getting kind of interrupted by the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unfortunately, this connection didn’t really get to be explored at all in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but that wasn’t actually always the case.

Speaking with MTV in promotion of his new film Young Ones, X-Men star Nicholas Hoult revealed that there were originally some scenes in Days of Future Past that further explored the relationship between Beast and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, but that they were ultimately cut due to pacing and continuity issues with the rest of the story. Explained the young actor,

“There were another couple of scenes which got cut, because they didn’t work technically in terms of the geography of how the movie played out in the end. Why [Mystique and Beast] would be here — when the world is about to end — and then we’ve nipped home quickly to have a good night’s sleep. Everyone was like, ‘Well, we can’t really do that.’ So there were a couple of extra scenes which got cut, unfortunately.”

Of course, just because things didn’t necessarily get to play out in X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn’t mean that the filmmakers behind the franchise are just going to be leaving that almost-romance hanging.

X-Men: Apocalypse is already set for a release date in the summer of 2016, and both Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence will be joining that production to reprise their roles when filming begins next summer. It sounds like Hoult isn’t aware of many details about the production, but he does add that he has hope for the Beastique relationship in the future. Said Hoult,

   “I think they’ll try and figure out a way to develop it more in the next one.”

While it’s very possible that Beast and Mystique could wind up sharing a few scenes in X-Men: Apocalypse, they will have a few philosophical differences that they will need to overcome if they want to continue to pursue their romance.

Beast is still very much aligned with Professor X and the work he is doing at the School for Gifted Youngsters, and Mystique is still following the Magneto mindset and preparing for the eventual war between mutants and humans. Basically, if they get together in a room, I can’t imagine that the first thing they’d do is kiss.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out when X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters on May 27, 2016.’

‘The Reason X-Men Hasn’t Pushed Beast And Mystique’s Romance More’ by Eric Eisenberg (2014) @CineBlend.com

Blue Superhero: Mystique Beast @CinemaBlend - Anything Blue

Blue Superhero: Mystique Beast @CinemaBlend – Anything Blue