A Blue watermelon? Yes, you’ve read well. It even has a scientific name: ‘asidus’. Also called MoonMelon, this very expensive fruit (about 200 US dollars!) even has the ability to affect the flavours of other food after you tasted it.

Anything Blue review – the blue watermelon or MoonMelon story, a sweet bluest hoax

Wouldn’t it be amazing to try it? Sadly, the MoonMelon doesn’t actually exist. But it took Internet users quite a long time to realize it, after the fruit started going viral on Social Media in 2011. The Daily Dot gives a full report on the origin of MoonMelon and explains how it became one of the greatest Internet myths.

That being said, the Blue Watermelon idea is not entirely a hoax! We have found a place where blue frozen watermelon do exist: the SuperMario games (read below).


Imagine a beautiful, lucid piece of fruit—a deep, yet vivid, almost electrifying shade of blue. […] The Japanese fruit has the ability to alter flavors after you eat.

All things sour become sweet; salty foods become bitter. Water is not just water—it’s orange-flavored. This is the amazing Moonmelon, and it’s obviously not real.

The Moonmelon is one of many Internet hoaxes that received much of its faulty fame from Pinterest.

Clearly, Moonmelon is just a photo of a watermelon where the color pink has been replaced with a bright shade of blue. This, paired with a short description about the mythical melon, has managed to captivate and fool many a bored Pinner.

Moonmelon has made suckers out of the Internet since May 2011, when the phrase went from 0 mentions to nearly 100. […]

Yahoo Answers naturally had to discuss the fruit. Strangely, there’s a story from a few days before the madness began discussing ‘Moon and Stars’ heirloom watermelons for growers… so perhaps it was the inspiration for the whole thing?

There really is a ‘miracle fruit’ […] but it’s not called Moonmelon, and it’s not blue. The New York Times covered the ‘flavor-tripping’ trend in 2008, in an article that could have directly inspired Moonmelon’s supposed taste-warping powers.

Of course, after the Moonmelon hoax went viral, there were the stories debunking it. They haven’t worked terribly well, obviously, because the Moonmelon will not, cannot be killed. Trying to unmask it as a hoax only seems to make it stronger.

Moonmelon @DailyDot - Anything Blue

You can see that though there was a big dip right after the initial craze, Moonmelon’s Internet life has been a roller coaster, recently spiking again this past fall. Yet again, Tumblr and Pinterest are to blame. And this time, Twitter had a larger hand in the whole thing.’

Source: Molly McHugh’s article A History of MoonMelon, the most popular fruit that doesn’t actually exist @the Daily Dot


Super Blue Watermelons (also called an Ice Watermelon) are cold and frozen blue Watermelons (with blue skin, red flesh, and black seeds) found in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island and its remake Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3.

If a Yoshi eats it, he will be able to breathe three blasts of ice. The ice can freeze enemies solid, which can then be smashed to pieces.’

Source:  Mario’s Blue Watermelon @MarioWiki.com


PS: for those who still want to eat (real) blue fruits and vegetables, here is a list (source: Disabled World)

‘Black currants, Black salsify, Blackberries, Blueberries, Dried plums, Eggplant, Elderberries, Grapes, Plums, Pomegranates, Prunes, Purple Belgian endive, Purple Potatoes, Purple asparagus, Purple cabbage, Purple carrots, Purple figs, Purple grapes, Purple peppers, Raisins.’