A parody of Sammy Davis Junior’s ‘I Gotta Be Me’ (1968), the Cookie Monster Blues is a fun melo-dramatic plea about being blue.

Anything Blue review (and anthem) – ‘Me Got To Be Blue’ lyrics & story (the Cookie Monster Blues)

Just as famous as Kermit the Frog ‘Bein Green’ mega-hit, ‘Me Got To Be Blue’ is a family anthem, as the Cookie Monster is joined by all his blue friends and relatives.

What is the song about? Well in short, since the Cookie Monster (‘Me’) doesn’t know what else to do, he’s ‘got to be blue’, be himself, as it is the only option he can see. Blue is in his DNA, as he refers to his mother ‘who gave all she worth just to get birth to blues’, or when he depicts himself and his sister as ‘two monsters who just gotta be blue’.

In short, the colour Blue plays a big part in Cookie Monster’s identity, which is why this song is so dear to Anything Blue’s team.

The Cookie Monster Blues is the perfect song if you want to comfort a friend a bit blue, for a family bonding session and for Monday morning wake-ups.

Like the song? Sing along with the Cookie Monster with the lyrics below:

‘Oh Me know it true

That Me so blue

When you far away

And you not stay in view

But then again

Me just as blue when

You standing so near

And Me right here

With you

Me got to be blue

Me got to be blue

What else can Me do?

Me wish me knew

But me haven’t a clue

Me got to be blue

Now you know it’s not you

Who make me blue

And me sing this song

To pass along

The news

And my mum you see

She got blue family

She gave all she worth

Just to give birth

to blues (oh oh)

Me got to be blue (pa pa pa pa)

Me got to be blue (pa pa pa pa)

Me and me sister too

She baby blue

We’re two monsters who

Just gotta be blue

(once more with feeling)

Me got to be blue (pa pa pa pa)

Me GOT to be BLUE (pa pa pa pa)

Oh scoo doo bee doo

Me c it too

Me one of the few

(Big finish!)

Just got to be bluuuuuuuuue’

Story of the song from Muppet Wiki

‘Me Gotta Be Blue is a Sesame Street song. Cookie Monster sings a rousing anthem about being blue.

He’s joined by his ‘blue family’ — his sister and his mother, who “give all she worth just to give birth to blues.”

A chorus of blue monsters chimes in, including Grover, Juliet, Maurice Monster, Bruce Monster, Herry Monster and two Anything Monsters.

The song is a spoof of Sammy Davis Jr.’s ‘I Gotta Be Me.’

Music by             Christopher Cerf

Lyrics by             Norman Stiles

Publisher             Splotched Animal Music Co.

EKA             Episode 2909′

Source: Muppet Wiki, The Cookie Monster Blues 

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The Cookie Monster Blues - 'Me Got To Be Blue' - Anything Blue

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