Its intense blue-purple color reminds of a fire caught in ice: discovered in 1967, first mistaken for a unusual sapphire, the tanzanite has climbed up the Gemology ladder and is now officially recognized amongst the top semi-precious gemstones.

Anything Blue review – Ten things to know about the tanzanite (fun facts)

1 – The common point between the tanzanite and Superman? Well, according to a Massai legend, the first tanzanite was born from a lightening coming from the sky, a shot of fire striking the Earth. Rings a bell??

2 – it was Tiffany’s favorite blue stone: the New-York jewellery house gave the purple blue crystal its name, making it a beautiful ambassador for its country or origin, Tanzania.

‘Tiffany proudly stated that tanzanite could be found in only two places in the world… “in Tanzania and at Tiffany’s.”’

3 – His first trader was Manuel de Souza, who was in Tanzania searching for rubies. He was offered the crystal by a Maasai tribe.

4 – The tanzanite is the December birthstone.

5 – The blue gemstone was first mistaken for a sapphire, but the color and the structure is more complex.

6 – The tanzanite was the best selling coloured gemstone in 1998 and 1999, before the sapphire (number one) – it also means the two leading coloured gemstones are blue.

7 – There are four tanzanite mining areas – Blocks A, B, C and D. If you hear the best tanzanite are from this or that block, it’s a urban legend.

8 – Merelani, Tanzania, is the only place in the world (so far) where to find the violet blue crystal.

9 – Limited stock only: a study completed for the London Stock Exchange predicted the end of the mining supply in about 300 years.

10 – With tanzanites (and gemstones in general), the size (length and width) is more important than the carat (or weight) as one should consider the stone’s aspect from above, then mount on a ring or necklace.


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