A fascinating blue cave hidden under a cliff in Capri, just off the coast of Naples in Italy: only small local rowing boats (4 people maximum) can access the Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra.

Claustrophobic, pass your way: the visit is an experience in the likes of diving, and one can easily feel unhinged. But the journey to the cave itself is unique, and the cobalt blue light inside is truly unforgettable.


‘This is the most famous sight on Capri, where visitors from around the world form long queues to get a peek inside for just a few magical moments: we’re talking about the Blue Grotto, of course.

This natural cavern is 25 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a tiny entrance less than a meter high. To enter, visitors lay back in wooden rowboats and glide through the low cave mouth. Once inside, the boats bob in the dark, suspended on the surface of water so blue that it seems dream-like.

Floating in the Grotta Azzurra is an experience that should be on any traveller’s bucket list.’

‘The history of the Blue Grotto

This sea cave was known during the time of ancient Rome, when it is thought that the Blue Grotto was one of Emperor Tiberius’ favorite nymphaea, or temples dedicated to sea nymphs. Inside the cavern, a number of statues have been found dating from that period.

For many centuries, the Blue Grotto (also known in the past as the Grotta di Gradola) was abandoned, feared by the local sailors because of legends of spirits and demons which inhabited the cave.’

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Capri's Blue Grotto - Grotta Azzurra @Capri.net - Anything Blue

Capri’s Blue Grotto – Grotta Azzurra @Capri.net – Anything Blue