Melodic, emotional, mellow, Indigo is the work of two electronic pop genius, Gui Boratto and Elekfantz. In a review published in Oct 2014 on Resident Advisor, Bruce Tantum writes about Boratto, the colorful Brazilian producer and electro guru.

‘To the casual listener, Brazilian producer Gui Boratto may seem like little more than an adept creator of house and techno – a notably lush and melodic brand of house and techno, perhaps, but house and techno nonetheless.

But as his fan base knows, that’s only half the story. Nestled among the minimal-minded club cuts of 2007’s Chromophobia, there’s the dreamy exaltation of ‘Beautiful Life’ and the innocent, swirling fizz of ‘Acróstico’.

His second album, Take My Breath Away, followed its trance-tinged title track with the majestic, new-wavy ‘Colors’ and the swirling ‘Les Enfants’ and ‘Besides’.

2011’s III, though more gray-hued than his previous efforts, had its share of pop-tinged intimacy.


Amid all this diversity, Abaporu is a remarkably steady work, with Boratto’s consistent sound palette and knack for melody running strong throughout. But the album’s range ensures there are plenty of surprises to be uncovered, too, waiting for both fans of electronic pop and pure club music.

01. Antropofagia
02. Joker
03. Please Don’t Take Me Home
04. Get The Party Started
05. Abaporu
06. 22
07. Take Control
08. Indigo
09. Manifesto
10. Wait For Me
11. Where I Belong
12. Too Late
13. Palin Dromo’

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Artist: Gui Boratto
Album: Abaporu
Released: 2014

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