Lady Blue Shanghai is a 16-minutes motion picture written and directed by David Lynch for French Luxury brand Dior. Dreamlike effects, twisted 1920’s music, tensed atmosphere: the short movie reflects well the famous director’s work and turns actress Marion Cotillard into a perfect Lynchian star. 


‘Marion Cotillard opens the door, terror etched across her face, to find a bag (yes, it’s the Lady Dior!) – blue, square, on a pedestal, a light beaming behind it.’

‘Lynch may be known for edgy, unorthodox films such as Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet but, for the past few years, he has explored a sideline in fashion films.’

‘Lynch’s Lady Blue is 12 oblique, enigmatic, weird but wonderful minutes crammed with Lynchian leitmotifs – flashing lights, flashbacks and a haunting soundtrack.’


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