In January 2016, the world’s biggest blue star sapphire was discovered in Sri-Lanka’s City of Gems, weighing just over 1,4K carats for an estimated between $100 and $175 million.

Anything Blue review – The STAR OF ADAM, the world’s biggest blue star sapphire (1,404.49 carats)

The anonymous owner called the precious stone “the Star of Adam” after an ancient Muslim belief, that God sent Adam to Sri Lanka after his fall from Eden.

Sri Lanka is a major gemstones exporter: $165 million in 2014, +135% since 2009. It appears that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the Ceylon blue sapphire ring formerly owned by Princess Diana (read more), has helped shifting a trend for Sri Lanka’s sapphires.

Global gem demand expected to grow 6% a year until 2020. Read more on CNN below:

‘Star sapphires get their name from the six-pointed star-shaped reflection that appears on their surface when they are polished.  According to local media, the gem was discovered last August in Ratnapura, a town in southern Sri Lanka known as the “City of Gems.”  The current owner, who refused to be identified, told Ceylon Today the sapphire was “destined to be a priceless museum piece” and that the stone is so big it “cannot set in any kind of jewelery.”‘

Source: World’s largest blue star sapphire – worth $100M – discovered @CNN

Featured picture source: Sri Lanka Merchant claims to have the biggest blue star sapphire @Daily Mail

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