A bedside carafe and glass set is a lot fancier than an Evian bottle – see this elegant clear and cobalt created by Bib & Sola in partnership with the Water Tank Project.

Anything Blue review – Bedside carafe and glass set, Intimate Blue, Bib & Sola

An elegant piece of design to sit on a bar, dinner table or bedside table, this elegant set makes an ideal gift for any formal or personal occasion.

A gift to who? From your sister-in-law to yourself, or a more distant relative – there is little risk that they do not like this set. Whether for a decorative or practical use, a handcrafted carafe and glass duo looks better than any plastic water bottle in terms of home decor, and a classy home accessory for a bedroom or a living room.

Even better – indirectly, they would participate in a charity initiative.

A word from Bib & Sola: ‘Design Carafe & Glass Intimate Set, Blue by Bib & Sola. Each set is hand blown to create these collectibles. The design is achieved through the movement of colour blown into the glass, a technique that is fiendishly difficult to achieve let alone master. Each piece is truly unique. Set comes with 1 glass, 1 carafe.’

‘At Bib & Sola we believe that one person can make a splash but together we make an ocean of change. This is why we have partnered up with The Water Tank Project – a landmark public art initiative taking place in New York City later this summer. Bib & Sola will donate 40% of each purchase to the project’s mission of building awareness about the global crisis and inspiring individuals behavioural changes around water.’

Carafe & Glass, Intimate Set, Blue @ BIB&SOLA – Anything Blue

Intimate blue bedside set


Dimensions Carafe: 31 x 11cm – Glass: 9 x 8 cm
Weight Carafe: 500 grams – Glass. 200 grams – Set: 700 grams
Volume Carafe: 1.2 L (4 – 5 drinking glasses) – Glass: 250 mL

Source: Bedside Carafe & Glass, Intimate Set, Blue @Bib & Sola

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