Blue Curacao liqueur is the classic bartender’s tip for colorful cocktails. Traditionally made from dried orange peels in Curacao, a paradise island located in the Caribbeans, Blue Curacao liqueur evokes barefoot holidays and sunset cocktails with a sea view.

French brand Monin is the market leader and reference for delicious and authentic fruit extracts.


A word from Monin

‘Curaçao is a liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of the green oranges originally from the West Indian island of Curaçao, a tropical paradise, having beautiful secluded beaches that enjoy sunshine most days of the year.

Initially discovered by accident, the drink was first developed and marketed by a Spanish family from Curaçao in the 19th century. The liqueur has an orange flavour with varying degrees of bitterness. The most common Blue Curaçao is a stunning deep blue. MONIN Blue Curaçao liqueur will induce colour into your drinks and bring a light exotic aroma! It is perfect to fancy your drinks!


Deep blue lagoon. Intense colour that remains blue in cocktails.

Tasting notes

Nose of orange skin with citrus notes. Elegant and smooth orange taste with a sweet and bitter finish.

Beverage Innovation Directors tips

Blue Curaçao liqueur is a must-have in every single bar! The colour gives a touch of mystery to any cocktail, with its colour from deep blue to light green, depending on the ingredients it is combined with. I like to mix it with coconut flavours as the colour is going green, and the taste becomes very round.



Source: Blue Curacao Liqueur @Monin

Blue Curacao Liqueur @Monin - Anything Blue

Blue Curacao Liqueur @Monin – Anything Blue


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