This cobalt blue gluggle jug doubles up as a utensil jar or a stylish flower vase – try blue flowers such as a blue Hortensia or Hydrangea for an Waw effect.

Anything Blue review – Why Kids love Gluggle Jugs

A fish-shaped water jug made in durable stoneware, a gluggle jug is a stylish mix of classic design (synonymous with Dartmouth pottery), practical table accessory (water capacity: 1,1 liter) and fun musical instrument.

The trick? We bet that kids will want to drink more water just to get to hear the fun glug-glug noise from the air trapped in the tail of the fish. The loud and recognizable song is part of the DNA of these English jugs originally created in the 1870s.

A word from The Present Finder: ‘When filled with liquid, air is trapped in the fish’s tail. As that liquid is poured out again, the air is gradually released and produces a surprisingly loud and rather wonderful gurgling or ‘glug-glug’ sound. Because of this, these fish-shaped pitchers are also often referred to as glug glug jugs.’

PS: this cobalt pitcher makes a great gift for all the family.


Source: Cobalt Blue Gluggle Jug @The Present Finder

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