Turn your screen into a digital canvas + get Damien Hirst Blue Butterflies on your wall and belly with Bognor Blue, a digital artwork designed by the internationally acclaimed Brit artist.


Anything Blue review – Damien Hirst’s blue butterflies in Bognor Blue

This is a really smart and affordable way to display a Damien Hirst art piece in your living room. 

Available on Sedition, the HD image (3000 x 3000 px) comes with a certificate of authenticity (same as the good ol’ times physical artworks). Better, this is only £9.

Founder of the Freeze art fair Damian Hirst is famous for his butterflies and public-savvy performance since the 1990s, from In and Out of Love (White Cube, London) to his remarkable exhibition at the Tate Modern in 2012.

Bognor Blue is available in a limited edition of 10,000 digital copies.

 A word from Sedition: ‘Bognor Blue – Damien Hirst has consistently used animals and insects in his works, ranging from tiny maggots to huge sharks or cows.

Here in Bognor Blue, eight different breeds of butterflies seem to flutter across the surface plane of the image. Their rainbow colours include yellow, blue, red and orange, which are beautifully set off by the bright turquoise background.
Hirst began making ‘Butterfly Paintings’ in 1991, when he exhibited his first solo show
In and Out of Love at White Cube, London.

The exhibition was spread over two floors, where an exciting process of transformation took place: upstairs, pupae were attached to white paintings as butterflies actively hatched during the opening; downstairs, dead butterflies became scattered upon colourful canvases. The full lifecycle of these butterflies unfolded during the opening, resulting in a spectacular and memorable performance.

Digital Edition tailor-made for screens and optimized for streaming online or within Sedition apps.

Damien Hirst, Bognor Blue - Anything Blue

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