The white and blue Moroccan vase was inspired by a design from Safi, the national Capital of fisheries facing the Atlantic ocean. Delicately handmade and painted in blue and white, the vase is an example of traditional ceramic pottery.

Anything Blue review – Handmade Blue & White Glazed Moroccan Vase, Safi design, Moroccan Bazaar

Thw 40cm high vase looks lovely when filled with a simple red rose bouquet. For a more luxurious effect, we recommend long lean flowers such as Arums or Gladiolius.

Moroccan Bazaar is by a family-run business in operation since 1970 with impeccable sourcing and a great customer service. Don’t forget to check out their lovely brass lamps and tableware collection before checkout.

A word from Moroccan Bazaar: ‘Blue and White Safi Pottery Vase. The Moroccan Safi ceramics are colorful with complex patterned Moroccan designs and have an Atlantic sea influence since Safi is the capital for fisheries in Morocco. Height: 40cm. Width: 30cm. Length: 30cm

For decades the Bennani family has been tirelessly sourcing, importing and exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning British buyer.

With its roots in stylish Marrakech of the Sixties, where style-gurus like Yves St Laurent and musicians like Jimmy Hendrix drew their inspiration, MBZR has had an unfailing eye for trends and fashions as they have changed and developed.

The MBZR journey in the UK began as the Swinging Sixties had swung into 1970, in the heartland of “trendiness” -Kensington Market “Ken Market” was the centre of design style and alternative influence, and MBZR was in the forefront of supplying that appetite for the exotic.

The journey began in Morocco, transporting the distinctive artefacts, expertly selected for their elegance and ethnic authenticity. Should you choose to visit the Greenford showroom, you need only to step into the world of Moroccan Bazaar to feel that the journey has come full circle, and you are in the very heart of Moroccan style.’



Source: Moroccan Ceramic Pottery Vase in White with Safi Design @Moroccan Bazaar

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