This handmade and unique bowls, white with a Safi design, will blue away your dinner table with an Atlantic touch: Safi is Morocco’s capital for fisheries.

Safi Design Bowl by Moroccan Bazaar: a perfect git for a family or couple

The traditional floral and arabesque pattern brings an authentic and fresh look to a dinner or a console table.

If you like the blue and white theme, you will love this versatile bowl: perfect for soup and dessert (think ice-cream, a fruit salad), you can also use it as a key finder. More below.

A word from Moroccan Bazaar: ’10 cm Moroccan ceramic bowls in White with traditional Safi design. Each Bowl is handmade and unique. Height: 6cm. Width: 10cm. Available in different sizes and colors. Suitable for restaurants, bars and homes. Not dishwasher safe. Design may vary. See our Terms & Conditions regarding product variations’

‘For decades the Bennani family has been tirelessly sourcing, importing and exporting the Arts and Crafts of skilled Moroccan craftsman and making them available to the discerning British buyer.

With its roots in stylish Marrakech of the Sixties, where style-gurus like Yves St Laurent and musicians like Jimmy Hendrix drew their inspiration, MBZR has had an unfailing eye for trends and fashions as they have changed and developed.

The MBZR journey in the UK began as the Swinging Sixties had swung into 1970, in the heartland of “trendiness” – Kensington Market “Ken Market” was the centre of design style and alternative influence, and MBZR was in the forefront of supplying that appetite for the exotic.’


Source: Traditional Moroccan White Safi Design Bowl @Moroccan Bazaar

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