Not only these fantastic blue ties work with marine, black or dark grey suits, but they also complement well a white, light blue, light grey or an off-white linen summer suit.

Anything Blue review – Five fantastic blue ties for Christmas, for different shades of Gent

A Barack-approved gentleman’s favorite, blue ties make an amazing gift. The selection from luxury online destination Forzieri below is for all men-kinds, from your brother to your boss, and 100% silk.

1 – For your blue-eyed boy

Forzieri’s Solid Twill Silk Narrow Tie is crafted in a stunning sky blue silk fabric, lined in grey silk. Perfect for? Light blue-eyes men, of course, as the colour matches their eyes, but also tanned or dark-skinned gents as it will play a very nice contrast.

Five great blue ties for Christmas - Anything Blue
Dimensions: max. 6.5 x 146 cm


A word from Forzieri:In a wide array of hues, this luxurious twill silk adds a colorful accent and a trendy style for any man’s elegant or casual wardrobe. Gift box included, Made in Italy’


2 – For your Hipster Godson

Versace’s Blue Medusa Narrow Tie will ravish a 20 or 30-something with a degree in Art History and/or a freshly-squeezed look. Needless to say, he knows the myth of the Medusa and he loves pop colours and narrow ties.

Dimensions: max. 7 x 146 cm


A word from Forzieri:Solid Silk Medusa Narrow Tie crafted from 100% silk Jacquard is a sophisticated solid color accessory with Medusa head logo. Made in Italy.’


3 – For your Italian Lover

Lanvin’s L Print Pure Silk Tie is likely to please a stylish Italian guy with slicked back hair and a taste for French ties.

Dimensions: max. 8 x 146 cm


‘L Print Pure Silk Tie crafted in 100% silk-twill fabric with geometric styled brand letters in contrasting color, adds a lovely texture to any suit.’


4 – For your super-tall Little Brother

Forzieri’s chic Blue Checks Extra-Long Basketweave Silk Tie, lined with a matching printed silk is perfect for a tall man. Like your little brother, not so little anymore.

 Five great blue ties for Christmas - Anything Blue

Dimensions: max. 8 x 160 cm


A word from Forzieri: ‘A subtle and classic checkered print adorns beautiful basketweave silk on Forzieri’s extra-long tie for a refined and handsome look. Made in Italy.’


 5 – For a Gentle Giant (your boss, your bodyguard, your judo playmate)

Forzieri’s Solid Dark Blue Extra-Long Tie was designed for gents of 6 feet tall and above (over 1.83 m). Extra long, extra blue, this giant navy tie is also available in pop blue.


Dimensions: max. 8.5 x 162 cm


A word from Forzieri: ‘This tie’s shimmering and dapper dark blue hue is sure to stand out. Hand made in Florence exclusively for the Forzieri label, it is almost 64 inches from end to end (162 cm), ensuring a perfect fit for men over 6’00” (1.83m). Pure Silk, Italian made.’

A perfect gift for a            #Brother #Father #Husband #Boyfriend #Friend #Boss 

Did you know

How come the guy in the picture (President of the US of A Barack Obama) is often seen wearing a blue tie? We see three reasons:

1. blue is the colour for the Democratic Party in the US (Republicans go red)

2. blue is the colour for perseverance and justice in the American flag

3. Barack looks amazing in a blue tie.

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