In the Great Book of Jewellery, the miracle of a light blue gemstone is that it perfectly matches all colours, skin stones and hair types. In other words, it’s easy to imagine this stunning pair of bright blue pendant earrings on a Julianne, a Demi or a Mandy Moore (the red, the brown and the blond-haired American actresses – not family related).


The Abbot Kinney earrings: light & bright lagoon blue pendant earrings, with topaz and zircon, in a 18 carat yellow gold frame


Light blue earrings work with any colour outfit: think blue, green, purple or pink, orange or red, yellow or gold cocktail dresses, and so on. They also complement well an all-white or an all-black look. And they make a stunning ‘Something Blue’ for a bride.

Created by London-based Singaporean designer Alexandra Alberta Yeo ‘for fashion lovers, art lovers, music nuts and the gem-crazed’, the Abbot Kinney Earring is a sparkling a duo of bright blue topaz and zircon, set in a 18 carat yellow gold frame.

Alexandra ‘designs with the modern luxurious nomad aesthetic in mind and is continually inspired by the spirit and attitudes of those that have a sense of adventure and wanderlust’.

A very elegant designer piece, the Abbot Kinneys make a unique day and evening accessory, as well a perfect gift for any of your loved ones, from your sister to your soul mate.

A word from Jewel Street: Abbot Kinney Earrings is a 18ct Yellow Gold Earrings from the Bourgeoisie Collection by Alexandra Alberta Yeo. Vibrant and Precious, these earrings are a striking colour and versatile enough to wear with your day or evening repertoire.More about Alexandra Alberta


Source: Blue pendant earrings, Alexandra Alberta @Jewel Street

A perfect gift for a                         #Sister  #Mother  #Wife  #Friend  #Girlfriend  #Boss  #Bride #Bridesmaid


Liza from GEMOLOGUE: “All of us are on a never-ending look out for earrings we can wear on a day-to-day basis. Our first port of call are of course diamond studs, but afterwards we want something a little more exciting, a little more daring to add to our jewellery box!”

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Blue pendant earrings @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

 Source: Julianne Moore

Blue pendant earrings @Jewel Street - Anything Blue

Source: Demi Moore

Blue pendant earrings - Anything Blue

Source: Mandy Moore