The well-named Borrowed and Blue Nail polish essie gives a perfect light blue glow to a bride’s fingernails, with an option to give a creamier powdery blue colour when applied twice.

Anything Blue Review – Light Blue Nail Polish Borrowed and Blue essie (13.5Ml)

We’ve tested:
one coat of Borrowed and Blue will give your nail a light blue glow, barely masking your natural nail color.

Two coats will result in a creamier, pearlier, bluer hue, more of a fashion statement than its earlier version.

Our tip: this nail varnish does make a perfect Something Blue for a bride, but not only: you could wear this pale blue polish with long nails and black clothes to create a dramatic contrast.

A word from Beauty Expert: Essie Borrowed and Blue Nail (15mg) Polish is a delicate powdery blue hue that would perfectly complement your wedding make-up. The rich and creamy formula will give your nails a beautiful sheen. Essie are best known for their high fashion colours, fantastic names and their chip resistant, high durability quality.


Source: Borrowed and Blue Nail Polish, essie @Beauty Expert

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