Light blue, almost turquoise, the Lapilli Murano Glass Drop Earrings by Antica Murrina are the illustration of Simple Chic in jewelery.

Anything Blue review – Chic & Simplicity: Murano Glass Drop Earrings, Antica Murrina

No gold, nor diamonds: it’s all about the delicate Murano glass material, the legendary glass crafted in Venice. A 3 cm x 2 cm drop of the precious glass is fixed to the ear with a plain hook. Each piece is unique and handcrafted.

An eye-catching  Something Blue for a bride, this pair of lagoon blue pendant earrings has a greater effect with your hair up (in a pony-tail or up-do), to let the light shine through the glass drops.

Perfect for special occasions, they are also add a discrete elegance to a casual black or denim look.

A word from Forzieri: ‘Antica Murrina Lapilli Murano Glass Drop Earrings Light Blue. Lapilli Murano Glass Drop Earrings are part of the Evergreen Heritage Collection and feature a transparent glass petal drop with French wires. Each piece is unique.’


Source: Lapilli Murano Glass Drop Earrings, Light Blue, Antica Murrina @Forzieri

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Liza from GEMOLOGUE: “This is a versatile piece that will take you from the beach to the cocktail party in the evening.”

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