In September 2015, photographer Aaron Smith was driving to Mission, a town near the US/Canadian border in British Columbia, when he noticed A BEAR WITH A BLUE HEAD. He named the indigo-bright blue headed bear ‘Blue Beary’.

A black bear with a blue head filmed in video

Sam Webb from the Daily Mirror reports the mysterious case (read below). 


‘A photographer on a drive in Canada was flabbergasted when he saw a black bear with a bright blue head.

Aaron Smith was driving near Mission, a town near the US border in British Columbia, when he noticed a female bear and cub.

He decided to take a picture and got closer to the majestic animals. Only then did he realise the older bear’s head was a vibrant shade of blue.

“It was such an odd thing — it really was that blue!” he told CBC News.

He has dubbed the unusual animal “Blue Beary.”

He wrote on Facebook: “What have I learned from this situation? If you’re a photographer, always have your camera and a zoom lens on you!”

He called local wildlife services because he was worried there might be something wrong with the bear, but they assured him the animal had probably just come a cropper with a tin of paint.

“The bear appears to be healthy and fine … it’s foraging and with a cub,” said conservation officer Paul McFadden.

Maybe it got into a can of spray paint thinking it was food, maybe it dipped its head in a bucket of dye … it’s a bear doing a bear thing,” he speculated.

He added that the blue fur will eventually grow out naturally.’

Source: Sam Webb’s article ‘News World news Bears Mystery as bear spotted with a blue head and nobody knows why’ @DailyMirror, 12 September 2015

PS: don’t tell this to the American dentist responsible for Cecil the Lion’s death. He will try and kill it for a trophy!