The whys and hows behind, the digital collection of all things blue


We are two sisters with a common passion: we love anything blue. We see the world through blue-tinted spectacles.

Why Anything Blue?

One day, after reading a study reporting that blue was the favourite colour worldwide, we’ve wondered: how about we create a media dedicated to the colour blue and federate this blue loving crowd?

We’ve imagined a digital magazine with information, fun facts and stories about this fascinating colour, to inform and entertain a community of blue lovers.

We’ve included our ideal blue shopping list – fashion stuff (for her, for him), home stuff (glassware, pillow covers, iPad covers), ideas for a bride’s something blue, gifts for kids (boys and girls too). All in the blue colour. Sometimes, even the brand is blue.

* User instructions

Start on Anything Blue’s homepage, then play with the Category menu and a Colour palette to navigate through our selection, or search for an idea.

6 categories: Ladies in BlueMen in BlueLittle Blue

 Blue DecorSomething Blue (Wedding)Stories about Blue

Anything Blue

Three ways to navigate through Anything Blue: a Colour palette and a Category menu (6 categories) as well as a Search bar


We’ve published our findings on from December 2014 to December 2016, scanning the web to find the best of blue online.

All blue lovers are welcome to suggest improvements, ideas and stories.


For more info/ how to contact us, visit About Anything Blue


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