Where does the color blue in the UK flag come from? In a nutshell? From Scotland.

The National flag of the United Kingdom is actually three flags into one. The first monarch to rule over both England and Scotland superimposed their emblems in 1606 to symbolize their union. The Irish flag joined this patchwork in 1801.

Unlike the Greek flag, the UK flag has an official blue hue. It was set to Navy, the most durable blue when used in a maritime context.

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Anything Blue Review – the Blue in the UK flag comes from Scotland


St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick. Also called the ‘Union Jack’, the UK flag is a three saints flag.

St George (red Cross on a white field for England), St Andrew (Scotland’s blue saltire, white X-shaped cross) and St Patrick (diagonal red cross for Ireland) are the patron saints of each nation.

But wait a minute: what about the flag of Wales? Read more from Facts.co below.


In 1603, the year of Queen Elizabeth I’s death, England and Scotland existed as completely separate nations, each with their own monarch and parliament. Elizabeth, being a spinster and therefore childless, expressed a deathbed wish that her cousin, King James VI of Scotland, be named as her successor to the English throne. Thus, the Scottish monarch was projected into the unique position of ruling two nations simultaneously. He ruled Scotland as King James VI and England as King James I.

The English national flag at this period consisted of a simple red cross fully imposed upon a plain white field, this being the emblem of St. George, England’s patron saint.

The Scottish national flag consisted of a diagonal, or X-shaped, white cross, fully imposed upon a medium blue field. This was the emblem of St. Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint.

On 12 April 1606, to symbolize the monarchical unification of the two nations under himself, James created a banner to this end, by fully superimposing the English red cross (with a narrow white border to represent its normal white field) upon the Scottish flag. This became known as the Union Flag, and it was the forerunner of the present flag of Great Britain.


The Flag of Scotland (Bratach na h-Alba) is the national flag of Scotland. According to legend, Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was crucified on an X-shaped cross (saltire) at Patras, Achaea.

The flag of Wales (Baner Cymru or Y Ddraig Goch, meaning “The Red Dragon”) consists of a red dragon passant on a green and white field.’

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