True fans know it, David Lynch’s movies are all about blue – VelvetShanghaiShining. And his TV show is too. Here, we tell about about the blue matters in Twin Peaks Season 1 and 3 – the third season shot 25 years after the first one. Discover Project Blue Book and the Blue Rose.

Anything Blue review – Project Blue Book and the Blue Rose (David Lynch)

For those who seek blue secrets (beware, SPOILER ALERT): discover Project Blue Book, a series of investigations concerning UFOs that lasted from 1952 to 1970. You may have heard this name in Lynch and Marc Frost’s TV show Twin Peaksin the second season, Major Garland Briggs works on this program, and reveals to one of the characters that his name appeared in a radio transmission intercepted by the US Air Force. The conclusion was that no credible evidence existed and therefore national security was under no threat. In other words, a massive cover-up.

Project Blue Book – Season 1

 We all know about Lynch and Frost’s huge imagination, however the Project Blue Book is very much real and its data is even available online, as HNGN reports. 

Project Blue Book, one part of a series of Air Force-led investigations regarding the science and security threat of UFOs (and a big part of the 1990s cult television show “Twin Peaks”) that lasted 18 years, officially ended in 1970. “To convert and archive 130,000 pages is no easy task,” Greenwald said. I tried with this new site to ensure that everyone could use it (Project Blue Book) and learn from it.” The most special part of Project Blue Book (which is sortable on The Black Vault by decade), that will excite the conspiracy theorist in all of us is that out of the 12,618 total sightings mentioned, 701 remain “unidentified” — the report has explanations for the other 11,917, according to Yahoo.


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Project Blue Rose – season 3


 A few years after Project Blue Book, the FBI formed a top secret task force to explore the troubling abstractions raised by cases Blue Book could not resolve. 


Although Agent Desmond informs Agent Stanley that he cannot tell him the significance of the blue rose pinned to Lil the Dancer’s dress, it comes up again later in  when Agent Cooper records one of his messages to Diane and says, “Not only has Agent Chester Desmond disappeared but this is one of [Gordon] Cole’s Blue Rose cases.” From just this, we can deduce that “Blue Rose” is code for a type of case run by the FBI — or at least by Gordon Cole (played by ).

Since then, speculation has been rife that Blue Rose cases are those dealing with supernatural circumstances, since blue roses cannot be found in nature. And indeed, the whispered exchange between Albert and Gordon after they meet Cooper’s doppelgänger at the end of Season 3 Episode 4 lends credence to the theory.

When Gordon asks, “Do you understand this situation, Albert?” He responds, “Blue Rose.” Gordon agrees with, “Doesn’t get any bluer,” which suggests they’re both on the same page about there being a supernatural element to this Cooper case.

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