Like fellow artist Yves Klein, David Lynch’s art is all about blue – Velvet, Shanghai, Shining, and here, a Blue Box (Avatar fans, attention please).

Anything Blue review – The Blue Box (David Lynch)

The Blue Box is a mysterious object from David Lynch 2001 movie Mulholland Drive, that Christopher Runyon will try and decipher for you in the article from Movie Magazine below.

‘If Blue Velvet acted as the blueprint for Lynch’s films, then Mulholland Dr. is his career’s thesis statement.

Mulholland Drive‘s ‘main plot follows an amnesiac woman who goes by the name Rita (Laura Elena Harring) with no memory of who she is, what her real name could be (though it’s hinted that it could be “Diane Selwyn”), why she was nearly killed in a car crash, or why her purse is stuffed with what must be thousands of dollars and a mysterious blue key.
She confides in an empty house, where a young up-and-coming actress named Betty Elms
(Naomi Watts in a star-making performance) has just moved into from Ontario to become the next Hollywood breakout star.
A “vision” of Rita’s leads them to Club Silencio, a place where the performances on stage are simply illusions of illusions. It is there that a mysterious item materializes: A blue box that eerily matches the key of the same color found in Rita’s purse full of cash. Upon attempting to open the blue box and see what’s inside, the fantasy collapses.’

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