Turn your screen into a digital canvas with Sedition, your flat TV’s new best friend: instead of nailing a canvas on your wall, why not use your screen to display different artworks?

That’s the big idea behind Sedition, who brings to you new and renowned artists from the international scene.

Anything Blue review – Emotions from a little match seller

Here, Chinese artist Liu Ye presents his iconic animated work, The Little Match Seller, depicting a lonely little girl holding a flickering candle while the snow is slowly falling over her. Sad? Not really, just a bit blue: in this digital story, unlike the original Andersen tale, hope wins over fate and the small, persistent flame of the candle shines through the snow.

A word from Sedition: ‘Liu was heavily influenced by the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, and The Little Match Seller is a direct reference to the author’s famous tale of a similar name. Andersen’s melancholic yet bittersweet tender narrative mirrors in Liu’s pictorial animation. The fragile glow of the match is somehow hopeful, and yet, we can not help but wonder about the solitude and cold that the figure is subjected to.’

The little match seller @Sedition - Anything Blue

The little match seller @Sedition – Anything Blue

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