French shoe designer JM Weston had the brilliant idea to pay tribute to Yves Klein, the ultimate ultramarine lover, with a pair of mocassin (loafers). The artist dedicated his whole life to research “the most perfect expression of blue” and finally patterned the shade IKB (International Klein Blue) in the 1960’s. 

Anything Blue review – Le Moc’ Weston Yves Klein, a tribute to the profound shade

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Yves Klein Moc - Anything Blue

“Why blue? First of all there is nothing, then there is a profound nothing, then a profound blue.” G. Bachelard quoted by Yves Klein.” – Anything Blue


Klein’s devotion to blue inspired JM Weston to design a limited collection of “Le Moc’ Weston Yves Klein”: 1500 pairs of intense ultramarine mocassins, available in Paris, London, Geneva, NYC, Aoyama and Shangai from March 2016.

The iconic loafer in Klein Blue is elegant, original and stylish, perfect for mid-season (spring/autumn). But why Yves Klein?

“Yves Klein, a philosopher of a unique kind, an unusual spirit determined to push back the boundaries of art as it existed at the time. He sought to capture an invisible beauty, while also representing a new way of living as a committed artist.”


Moc Yves Klein - Anything Blue

After having travelled in the blue of my canvases, spectators are entirely drenched in sensibility like sponges », says Yves Klein – Anything Blue


Le Moc Yves Klein - Anything Blue

The hands of J.M. Weston’s Artistic Director Michel Perry exploring the archives of Yves Klein – Anything Blue


JM Weston and “Le Moc'”

The brand’s true icon is a loafer: Le Moc’, short for “moccasin” in French. Stylish, elegant and very Parisian, they can suit every occasion. JM Weston uses French philosopher Jean Cocteau’s vision of style to define the iconic loafer: “It’s that way of taking aim and shooting fast and sharp.”

‘Le Moc’ can be reinterpreted indefinitely, to meet the needs and desires of each new generation.’

Read more about Le Moc’


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